New user range record

hi there ive just set the camera up outside now ive been walking down my drive and it started recording just near the camera is there a way to set up recording range on this xt please

Hi @Jennifer_Masters.
Can I confirm that as you walked towards the camera, it did not record you until you became close to the camera?
If so, motion sensors unfortunately do not respond well with object coming towards the sensor.
You would be better to place the camera to capture your sideways movement.
There us no way to adjust the range of the sensor but you can change sensitivity.
Hope I got a grasp of your issue, let us know if it’s okay.

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yep i think it might need lowering a bit thought if higher up no one could pinch it we are in might have to bring it down a bit ive just messaged you northan about camera hood

Yeah it worry me being pinched too.
Our work cameras were stolen. We had a great shot, full facial of the thieves, police still couldn’t get them though.

Yes, I agree that you’d be better off placing the camera for sideways (across the frame) movement instead of directly towards the camera. You can always keep your mount where it is and just know that it will only capture when up close. You can make your sensitivity higher, but it won’t likely make a huge difference for the “direct towards the camera” movement. I have a few XTs that I have mounted in the “direct towards the camera” arrangement because of lack of mounting options for sideways movement. The plus side is that the batteries will likely last longer because it will only trigger when something is right up on the camera.

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