New User - Blink XT2

Just set up my two cameras effortlessly with my only “problem” being “how do I fit the wall mount” - it was far too obvious once I watched a YouTube vid, just push & click! Clearly my brain hadn’t been engaged. OK, one small issue on first use is about a hissing noise on video, does anyone have advice on this? My initial action has been to turn down the volume, which I have done but I’ve not tested the camera again yet. Firstly, is that the best way of reducing the background hiss or is it something else? Both cams were indoors in a quiet house on set up and will shortly be leaving home for the great outdoors. Thank you all, R

At first the hissing was horrible, and it sort of depended on what was being recorded. For instance, the wildlife, mostly birds, come in clear and crisp. The hiss could be too loud of volume; what I found was that after a few days, I had perfect sound. No hiss. Maybe it takes time to settle down. It can be annoying, though.