New subscription service

Received an email, from Blink, about the new security cameras and the new subscription service.

My questions relate to the subscription service.

Is this subscription available to customers who have existing cameras and a sync module?

If I stay on the free service does this mean that I now only have access to live streaming and clips are no longer stored in the cloud?

When did you get your camera system, and what type of cameras are they?

An xt and two xt2s, had them over a year

XT cameras, and XT2 cameras will always have free cloud subscription.

Better, if you have had them over a year, they must have been registered before the 15th April 2020 cut off date, and as such, you can also buy the new outdoor/indoor/mini cameras and you will be grandfathered into your free storage.

See email content I received just today:

About Storage

Store your clips locally for no additional fee using the included Sync Module 2 — all you need is a USB flash drive. For the convenience and added benefits of cloud storage, a free trial of the Blink Subscription valid through March 31st is available with the purchase of each new Indoor and Outdoor.

Please Note: XT, XT2, and legacy Indoor cams will continue to receive the existing free storage. Accounts created before 4/15/20 will also receive free storage for new cameras including Mini and our new Indoor and Outdoor.

*Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors.

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