New router, wife's app won't work

Hi, 3 days ago we got a new broadband router. I changed my phone app however, my wife’s phone now won’t recognize our email address and password. So no access on her phone to even attempt to change the wifi settings. If you can help further thank you.

Uninstall the app. If possible clear the app cache. Reinstall the app. Launch it and therefore begin as new. Enter the correct Blink credentials as known to you, and as known to be working on your phone. That’s it, she’s in. Good luck.

No need to change any WiFi setting for Blink, in your wife’s phone. Those settings are for the sync module(s) and camera(s) and you already changed them.

Of course, you will want to change her phone’s WiFi settings, to match your new router, so that she can use your WiFi when at home, but I suppose you already did that. (Note, not Blink’s WiFi details, you already did that ‘VIA’ your phone, otherwise your system wouldn’t be working at all).