New recording notification but keeps playing the same old video everytime

So I am curious if anyone has had this problem. But currently we are having the issue of new motion getting detected and when we play the video it’s the same recording over amd over again from a week ago. The video will not change. We tested each camera multiple times and it notifies us correct that we are moving in front of the cameras but still plays that same recording over and over doesn’t matter what camera we go to. Any advice would be appreciated.

What are you using? The og cams with the free storage or the paid subscription?
Did you contact support… oh wait, they’re non-existing

Yes I tried to contact customer technical support but have not heard back yet. We have the paid subscription that actually just expired but recently just bought the blink flash drive to use instead of the subscription for local storage. It just has been frustrating buying cameras that are not working for some reason.

The fix, or more accurately the workaround, reported in the forum, seems to be choose eject storage safely, from your local storage management screen, and then choose reconnect, or whatever the wording. Do a forum search for more details.

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