New phone sporadic notifications

I purchased a new phone last week and now receive only sporadic notifications (I will receive 3 or 4, then nothing). I have tried changing all of the settings recommended, reinstalling the app, etc. Still working on my tablet, but that does not help if I’m not at home or on wifi somewhere. I have a feeling it is another app or a setting that is interfering, because the cameras are functional and the notifications are being received on another device.
Has anyone had this experience?

Lord help ya if that new phone has Motorola in the name. Next up IOS phones have sporadic notification issues. Both types of phones have been discussed in the past. Use the search function to find and read those previous threads.

still no resolution. i have uninstalled reinstalled, verified my notification and battery setting a hundred times (since that is apparently the only solution they offer). I reinstalled on my old phone and it works perfectly. there is a conflict somewhere, this brand spanking new phone that i splurged on is rendering the cameras useless unless i want to monitor them.

i have determined a few things…the notifications only come if the app is open. and then only for about 45 minutes, then i have to close and reopen the app. I’m not being paid to monitor these, that is why we bought them… i believe it is a conflict occuring because of the new Android version on the phone, but cannot be sure because every person who speaks to me tells me to check the notification and battery settings…