New phone. old login. it says "invalid credentials"

6/18/21 - So, I bought an iphone to replace my old android [and to maybe see pics of my grandkid more often]. Installed the blink app from a*store on it. Can’t login to blink app using existing credentials. wtf? Closed/deleted the apple app. Went to the desktop, logged in, changed pwd. Thankyouverymuch. Went back to the iphone, reinstalled the app, logged in with new pwd, it says “invalid credentials”. Closed/reopened app and retried. “No Coke; Pepsi.”. But wait; there’s more! Down to support option no. 5. Call Us: 781-332-5465. Called and got an answer. Explained the situation Confirmed I had done the options suggested. When they said “Try it again” I stayed online, just long enough to hear the rooster crow, one. more. time.
Oh, I forgot; submitting the form on support option no. 2: “Something went wrong, please try again later.” Three times.

People tend to change too much at once and cascade their problems into a bigger mess. You not only changed phones, you also changed your password. Your phone is tied to your account. Mobile app, email, password, and phone number. All 4 of those things are tied together for security so others can’t log into your account.

Regarding Blink tech support…It’s pandemic time. That means no working weekends, less staff, and blame whoever you want for yet another national holiday…Juneteenth. Sooooo while Blink used to advertise 24/7 support, that’s clearly not the case anymore.

Call leave a message. Email leave a message. They will get back to you. NOBODY here can fix your problem. In the mean time, fire up that old phone and see if you can login via that old phone. Also if your phone number changed with the new phone, you’re outta luck. Your old phone number is tied to your Blink account. You old phone number wont work on that old phone either as the old number is now dead.