New outdoor camera/module won'tlocate

I have a new outdoor camer/module. After I connect everything the app says camera not located. I’m within 15 ft of modem. I have 2 indoor cameras that are working. Why do I get the message can’t locate camera? All other devices are connected to the network. The module is connected, it just keeps trying to find the I camera.Blink has some issues they have to work out. It doesn’t set up in minutes.


I opened a ticket with Blink. They don’t offer support. I’m thinking I may return the camera. Without support the camera is worthless.

Go to Blink support pages and read how to install the cameras. Maybe you missed something. Are the batteries in the camera? Did you try to install the sync module and camera step by step in the Blink app? You started a ticket, they should be contacting you to help. It may be a router settings problem or a defective camera.

I had the same problem. Blink never offered support. I sent it back due to poor support. They brag about easy setup, but don’t back it up with support.