New Motion detection issues

Having an issue with one of my XT cameras.

Lately the camera is picking up no motion at all, even though the batteries are good, and signal status is excellent. I walk past the camera daily, and does not register. Also, the camera covers the driveway, and yet you can drive a car right passed the camera without registering any movement

See attached images


I assume you’ve tried all the tricks to bring it back to life like Live View and disarm/arm.

Live view works fine, and armed/disarmed daily

I would power cycle everything. Router, sync module, camera, and hope it comes back. If it didn’t help, I’d delete it and re-add it. If it won’t re-add, then okay, you know it’s a gonner. Could try the reset button in the camera too. That way you know you’ve reset everything, and it’s more than just a software glitch.

Finally, tell support what you already tried, and see if they have further suggestions.

Good luck.

Try the ol delete camera, reinstall camera. Some kind of reset happens during reinstall. Worked for me when I had a Original XT that motion sensing no longer worked. I also do not use activity zones as the filtering accuracy on these old cameras is poor.