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I just purchased the XT2 3 pack and was wondering is it normal that when i load the app i cant see the camera views? All it shows is grey screens is there a way to fix this?

Make sure your cameras are within range of both the Sync module and the WiFi signal. You only see a live view if you select the video icon (left lower corner of the screen for each camera). Selecting camera icon will display a thumbnail picture in place of where you can see the grey. Those thumbnail photos (one for each camera) will always be shown (in the app or on the computer app) until the next time you click on the camera icon.

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Hi, Iam new to xt2 3 camera systems as well. Looking for some hints & tips as ive registered my 3 camera’s accordingly & awaiting drilling them on walls above for both my gardens & 3rd camera to front door. Ive placed them in windows looking down for now & my door one tapped to inside my door looking out. Brilliant pictures no bother until it got dark & relised it obs no good behind glass (which is fine as its temp until i get them drilled onto outside) any tips before placement/drilling on outside walls please is appreciated. Uk based resident. Tia Shelly x