New indoor camera

Well that’s what I thought but I wanted to ask anyway

Just for the mount

Introducing Blink Mini | Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080p HD video, motion detection, Works with Alexa | 1 Camera
by Blink Home Security

Price: £34.99 & FREE Delivery . Delivery Details Looks like UK getting ripped off
or 5 monthly payments of £7.00
This item will be released on May 13, 2020.
Pre-order now.
This item can be delivered to UK - Mainland. Details
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon EU Sarl.
Note: This item is eligible for click and collect. Details
1 new from £34.99
Configuration: 1 Camera

1 Camera

2 Cameras

I actually picked up a Merkur Innovations CCTV camera on clearance that was $19.88. It’s only a 720, but it has one awesome feature. The motion sensor works through glass, which I can’t understand. It too has to be plugged in, which to me makes Blink a better option. Without getting into the discussion of how long the batteries actually last, the selling point is that it works on AA batteries, which I think is what got most of us to try blink in the first place. More time should be spent on things like

  • Extended Live View (note shutting off after 20-30 seconds)
  • PC Accessibility
  • Record to PC/Phone

Instead of putting out another camera with less features, spend more time on features that your loyal customers have been asking for since the launch.

Why in this day of mobile apps, do you want to see what is happening on a desktop pc? For the bigger screen. For the sake that you’re a boomer like me and spend way too much time in front of a computer instead of a mobile device? Bottom line is desktop pc and laptop sales is in the toilet. Mobile device sales exploded. There really isn’t a need for viewing Blink on a device that doesn’t sell worth a damn anymore. Want to view Blink on a bigger screen? Use a cheap wifi only tablet or even a smart tv. Oh, do you need to view your Blink system on your work computer? Guess what, you just violated your IT departments rules for work computers. You really think Blink is going to support that scenario?

“Bottom line is desktop pc and laptop sales is in the toilet.” Used to be true, the exception is those of us who work home. The current world situation has increased that number significantly.

  • Computer monitor sales doubled in the first two weeks of March to 80,000 units.
  • Sales of laptops increased by 10%.
  • Mobile phone accessory sales dipped 14% (granted a lot is due to the astronomical prices that smartphones have hit). Overall, mobile phones sales are down 15% for the quarter.

In my case, my office, which is in the my basement has multiple computers and monitors. My issue with Blink has always been that when you get the notification, often the movement that triggered the notification is long gone by time you open the app to look at it.
I like having my live feed from the front of my house on my monitor at all times.
If you look at the increase of the work from home population, there may be an interesting side effect.
After COVID19 has passed, many companies will realize that the work from home option is viable.
I almost didn’t get my job, because my company didn’t believe in working from home, and I was over 150 miles away. I was the first, and we have since added a lot more from home workers, and that was PTC.
Even if you take the current situation out of the picture, every year offices are left under-staffed when the latest influenze strain comes around.
The CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season.
What if you had as many of those employees as possible working from home, instead of the petri dish that is the office environment.
Businesses would need less office space and eventually be able to delay or cancel sq ft expansions.
Used to be you couldn’t be sure your employees were actually working, but technology has improved that as well.
So, while PC and Desktop computers are not they staple they once were, they are making a comeback.


I think there is a whole lot of people that would like PC Accessibility , me included…
I really like the Arlo web interface.
For the other cameras including blink I use bluestacks to view them when I want on the PC , I don’t run bluestacks all the time just when I want to view the cameras on my PC , I use my laptops a lot more than I do any phone or tablet


Make a comeback for telecommuters = loss of sales in an office. Total numbers is down or at best an even up trade. For 25 years I used to repair or rebuild/resell Windows PC and laptops. Got out in 2009 due to sales being way down. Mobile devices killed it. You’ll also notice many of the computer repair retail stores went belly up. Ask them why - not enough money in it anymore. Heck, kids don’t even get laptops for school work anymore. They gett tablets instead.

So for the guy/gal that sits at home and does computer work on a laptop or desktop…great. That is by far the minority however. Getting back to why Blink doesn’t have PC support…I’m still holding on to my theory of Blink mobile app is kept stupid on purpose. It can’t have more features/benefits at it’s price point or it steps on the feet of the Ring sales cash cow. Blink’s path to success is low price, low operating cost, so easy mom can install it/run it. The intro of mini indoor blink for ultra low price is yet more evidence of the price point market they are going after.

I still also believe the more you can’t have it, the more you want it. So while you want it, and you think you’re representing the majority of Blink owners, you really are not the majority. Go back and look at threads on this subject. How many people asked for PC viewing support. A few hundred, a couple thousand (nope). So when hundreds of people ask for it, but yet Blink customers is actually hundreds of thousands. maybe even a million by now…A few hundred or even a couple thousand is actually the minority.

If you view the link on a mobile browser the price says $5. If you view it on a desktop then it shows $10. Wtf lol

Confirming what @ceedee mentioned above:

If you have an existing Blink system, you can add the new mini cam AND get free cloud storage. This is for existing customers only.

It took Blink only 2 hours to reply to my support request. Not two days, not two weeks. Yes only 2 hours so kuddos to the support team in USA as that’s where I am. Details of our conversation below.

You may want to edit your email address out of that photo…

There is no need for hostility. Just because you do not need something does not mean the need is not valid. Many people use computers frequently and will not go out of their way to buy a tablet or a firetv stick just to access a system they already own. It is not an unreasonable desire.

You post very actively on the forums but I hope you can be kinder and more understanding.

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That’s just @Joel_Ek being @Joel_Ek. Not to worry. Yea, he’s grumpy, but he’s a great asset to this forum.

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What @ceedee said. Joel is our resident curmudgeon. LOL Despite that his advice is usually spot on.

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You get what you pay for when it comes to free volunteer work. My advice is if you’re getting your feelings hurt here, Lord help ya if you go to groups on Facebook or Twitter.

The other guys that are spot on are George Carlin and Clint Eastwood. Politically correct and pussification of America come to mind.

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Got my Blink Mini today :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you think about the features?

I’ll let ya know, I didn’t take it out of the box yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Mines about to go back in lol