New indoor camera

Ok, here it is!

  • I’m guessing that you’ll still need multiple modules (systems) if you want to schedule different cameras independently
  • 64GB limit seems lame
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Fine print from an email I just got on the mini…

You Are Getting FREE Cloud Storage!
Mini is the first Blink camera to offer two video storage options (both a cloud subscription and local storage) but for you, our valued existing customer, no subscription is required. Just add your Mini to your current Blink account and you will receive free cloud storage.

Whew… ok, thanks! I just received the email as well.

There’s 3 tiers. Wev probably get the 1st :joy::rofl:

$3/month for ONE camera max! Oh, and storage is 60 days rolling!

Good luck to them.

The $5 a month for unlimited cams is ok, Wyze charges $1.49 per cam if you want cloud storage.

It’s $10 or $100/year

Interesting. My link is directly from amazon.

Yup, $10.

Not sure where you’re getting $10. The screen shot is from the link I posted, which came in the email from blink. I see 3 Tiers. Free, $3 for 1 cam, and $5 for unlimited. I just clicked again to triple check.

Here’s a screenshot from the link you posted above.

Ford this go into affect for the old XT and XT2 cameras as well that we will need to purchase a plan?

Not if you’re an existing user. You should be receiving an email to that effect.

I hope the cloud storage stays free for existing customers, and not just the trial period (through Dec. 2020).

Yes it will be.

So, does this mini Cam use just Wi-Fi or does it connect to your existing sync module, anyone know?

I pre ordered one to play with

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal:$34.99
Shipping & Handling:$0.00
Courtesy Credit:-$5.00
Total before tax:$29.99
Estimated tax to be collected:$1.80
Grand Total:$31.79

It doesn’t need a sync module.

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