New indoor camera

Is it me, or is this not very original? Needs power, cloud storage, cheap, etc.

Seems like a Wyze in Blink clothing.


I’ll be damned, joejones hotel spy cam came to fruition.
p.s. the sync module 2 is cheaper in the long run.

I’m more excited by the Sync Module 2.

I’m just not sure I want to spend any more money with Blink at this time. I have two working sync modules, and one spare. I’m not keen on tossing them out. Also, it’s not clear to me what levels of compatibility will exist with “old” cameras and the new sync module.

We’ll see…

If it’s happening inside my house, I don’t want it recorded. It’s bad enough smart phones show you ads on google and facebook shortly after you simply talk about a subject. Hell yes your phone is always listening to you.

Now throw in smarthome devices. NOPE!!! I need to get my fat gut off the couch and push a button the good ol manual method every now and then. If I’m gonna spend money on something that keeps me on the couch, it better toss me a beer.

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Well dang, now UK feels left out. Wait long enough you’ll get one too. Yours has the new and improved mobile app.

They’re in the price range of blink now. No details of what this Sync Module 2 will be capable of. If it’s like their current storage setup and not continuous recording no thanks. I can use a 256gig micro SD card in a Wyze Cam for 24/7 recording.

Guess we’ll have to wait for sync 2 storage specs/options.

@ceedee this new cam is powerd via USB/power brick. Not rated for outdoor use.

Yes, I know. I find it totally uninteresting. It’s a Wyze knockoff.

Wyze has a few 3rd party add on gizmos to allow the cameras to work outdoors. Temp range in MN winter however…not so much. Who knows maybe it still works. Low throw away price lets you play to your hearts content. Skip a night on the town and these cameras become free.

Feature wise. Not even close knock off or not lol

Next up…the original indoor white camera no longer for sale.
Wait for it, waaaiiiittt for it.

At least they’re $35 not $90 and no sync required. Throw away or not I think Wyze is going to force some companies to look at pricing models.

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Sadly I’m much more excited to see what the wyze outside cam ends up like, to potentially replace my blink stuff. Wyze has a doorbell cam coming too.

Blink just seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place after the Amazon acquisition. Uninspiring new products and features, assumedly since Amazon doesn’t want to step on the toes of their Ring cash cow.

For me the now required monthly fee pretty much kills it. You can bet your butt that they have a new XT3 coming that will adopt that model as well. The lack of monthly fee is what attracted me to them in the first place and it appears that feature is on its way out.

If you don’t want to pay to save video, then the cost is really $70, as you’ll need the sync 2.

I bet it’s $19.99 on Prime Day.

There is no profit in the hardware/software but there is LOTS of profit in the consumable. Consumable = cloud rental fee. Reminds me of the 35 dollar all in one inkjet printer and 25 dollar ink cartridge. That ink is the cash cow.

Wyze V2 camera on ebay sorted by price low to high. Ya 13 bucks brand new. LMAO

But then you could have multiple cameras recording locally to that sync module. Which I would be fine with a 1 time buy. Buying a extreme/pro endurance micro SD card for each Wyze Cam adds up. Especially if they’re stolen/vandalized.

But we will need to see details on the sync 2 modules recording capabilities to see what the value is.

I’m not liking this line:

Blink Mini includes a **_

free trial of the Blink cloud storage subscription

_** through December 31, 2020

Seems the “cloud” is going to cost soon?

Yea, move ALL cameras to cloud or buy new sync module(s)?

I’m already looking around.