New camera trouble

Says my camera is registered to someone else. I purchased at a pawn shop

Welcome to the forums! Bring the camera back for a refund. There is nothing you can do to deregister the camera. Blink can but won’t for security reasons. Sorry.

Agreed with ronsec. It’s obvious said pawn shop doesn’t test their purchases or do their research. The ONLY way to use it would be to have the original owner deregister the cameras, so you as the new owner could set them up as new. And like was said, Blink typically won’t do it. BUT with proof of purchase from the pawn shop you could try contacting support?

The stereotype pawn shops sell stolen goods rides again.

I don’t believe anyone implied that it was stolen. All I said was that it wasn’t checked by the shop to make sure it was deregistered first.

Ok I’m being a a wiseass with the stolen comment. The problem with buyers and sellers is they have no idea what needs to be done BEFORE they can sell a Blink system and then be able to get it up and running via a 2nd owner.

This is what needs to be done. Problem is a pawn shop is probably selling buy it where is as is. No warranty implied.