New Blink XT2 Systems (10 cameras and 5 sync modules) - Activity Zone Issues

I am new to Blink, and in fact just (today) got 3 of the 5 sync modules and 6 cameras setup and working. It seems to be working okay, however, no matter what I do I cannot get the activity zones to work. I have defined the zones and only want to record if there is movement in the zone, however it triggers recording regardless of the setting for everything in the camera’s view. I have even tried resetting the activity zone to default and set it up again, but it does not change anything.

The firmware I am on is 7.75 and I have the following settings defined:

Retrigger time: 10s
Sensitivity: 4
Clip Length: 15
End clip early if motion stops.

This is not an issue with one camera, it is an issue with all 3 sync modules and all 6 cameras. I really need activity zones to work and if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

After further analysis, it seems like this is only an issue when using infrared in the evenings after the lights go out. When not using infrared it seems to be working as expected. Are activity zones work supposed to work while using infrared?

I have been getting the same issue. Have been using activity zones to blank out the bottom half of the view as I have two cats. However, at night when one of the cats walks through the blanked out zone I am getting a motion alert. Sometimes only the very tip of the cat’s tail is showing in the bottom of the view - bearing in mind the whole bottom half of the image is marked as not active - and I get motion alerts everytime at night.

Im new to blink as well. I have my sensitivity set to 6 and have noticed when I use the advanced feature to better define the active zones it helps