New Blink Outdoor Camera 3rd Party Mounts

I want to add mounts for my ‘new’ Outdoor cameras that will give me more adjustability than the stock mounts.

I’m finding conflicting answers on Amazon as to whether or not XT & XT2 mounts will work with the new cameras.

Does anyone know what brand/model they have had success with or if any of the mounts below will work?

Thanks in advance!

none of them will completely work without modification. The new outdoor camera, in all of blinks brilliance, the IR is not in the same place. In the older models it was in the middle around the camera… in the outdoor cam, its off center way to the right. So none of those cases that have a front will work without modification. I had to cut them for the IR to work.

Much appreciated!

That really helps.

I would assume these would work without the silicone case (or modified case) presuming the mount holes are the same on the new cameras and the XT2:

the second one clearly says it wont work (there is a red X on outdoor blink)…

which makes me think the 1st one wont work either… im guessing the “click in” on the xt1 xt 2 isnt the same as the new outdoor cams.