New App?

How can we download this new app?

The same way you download other apps.

I thought maybe an update link would show up like most programs. Is this available now?

Have you checked?

Most apps don’t post a link…they just add the new app to the appropriate App Store.

Hint: Blink is a mobile app not a desktop app.

It would be so much easier to update a program than having to redownload/reinstall and reset everything again. I think I will wait a little and see if there any problems with it beofre I use it, thx

This makes no sense. Do you know how this all works?

Maybe this will clear up your confusion: when you download the new app it will replace the app you are now using. All your cameras and settings will be in the new app. No need to reinstall or reset anything. I’ve been using the app for a while now (Android) with no problems at all.

I have an Android. Once an update is released for an app, my phone automatically updates that app without me having to do anything. I’m pretty sure it’s the same across many phones depending on your settings. Otherwise you should be able to go into the play store or app store or whatever it is you have on your phone, look for that specific app and manually updated.

I have the new app version downloaded on my iPhone but have an issue. Old version would tell you which camera wasn’t arming; new version does not on the phone. (New app version darkens which camera isn’t working when used on iPad) Thanks

If you haven’t already, I suggest sending a bug report directly to Blink. We’re users, and can’t do anything for you.