I’m definitely not impressed with this camera system. I would not recommend it. They claim a set of batteries will last 2 yrs??? haha, what a joke. If your camera gets used a lot, they won’t last a month. I tried using rechargeable lithium batteries and the camera won’t even function with them. So now I have to spend 10 bucks a month for 2 batteries. This product is trash and these cameras need to have rechargeable batteries instead of limiting it only to expensive throw away lithium batteries.

The motion detection “Zones” also do not work, if they did, the camera wouldn’t be tripping everytime a car drove by.

Those two issues are common knowledge here but blink won’t admit it.

How come so many people find out this stuff after they buy instead of before they buy?

For rechargeable batteries, consider what Ring offers for a standard product offering.a solar panel that has a built in rechargeable battery pack. That pack feeds into the camera. Amazon sells a few different add on kits that work with Blink.