Need creative hiding suggestions

We have 2 houses and a lot of Blink cameras. We love them.

There is one cam I need help with. It’s at a VRBO / Air BnB home and I need to be able to tell guests to put it away when they check in (it overlooks the pool)
It is completely portable, not attached to anything. It sits on a rack for now. We were supplying a little empty peanut can for them to put it away but it’s too small for air proper air circulation.

I need creative solutions on how a guest can “hide” the camera while they are on property. Maybe something like a box with a flip lid were all they have to do is close up the front like a mailbox? if that makes sense?

Thank you

I like the ‘mailbox’ idea! I would find a small decorative one, or make one, if your objective is for the guest to not move the camera. Otherwise, maybe a mailbox-type holding box by the door to the pool area- that way, when they come out to swim, they can put it in the box, and when they come in from swimming, they see the box right beside the door, eye-level, to remind them to put it back to work watching the pool while they are away.