Need an option for clip length AFTER motion stops

For driveway cameras, the motion detection and clip length settings aren’t very useful for my needs. If I “End clip early when motion stops” the clip cuts off as soon as a car gets out of range of the motion sensors as it’s moving away from the camera, even though the car is still easily seen within the frame. Half the time it cuts off before the license plate even comes into view.

However if I turn off this setting, every time there’s a false alert, such as a squirrel running in front of the camera for a split second, the I’ll end up with a bunch of 20-second long clips all day long containing nothing.

What I need instead is a setting that’s a hybrid between these two that will record for a certain amount of time AFTER motion stops, such as 5 or 10 seconds. That way, I can get the entire clip of the car driving away and cut the false alert bug videos to much shorter lengths.

TBH, this would be better in most scenarios than the current settings. Most of the time when something I want to record is caught by motion detection, the motion detection stops detecting its movements while it’s still in frame, but I want it to keep recording. And the clips ends too soon.

OK with all the posts you did today, Blink is not meeting your needs. You obvisiouly want more from Blink. Lots of others are in the same boat. But they bought Blink on price instead of something else. So did you find out how limited Blink is before you bought it or after you bought it?