My UPS driver and his van never are recorded buy 2 different Blink cameras

I would like to know if there is a jamming device that blocks Blink cameras. Everytime my UPS guy delivers packages, ithe delivery is never recorded. My girlfriend drove up and both cameras record her as they should. Both cameras are set to retrigger in 1 minute. The UPS driver arrives about a half hour later and neither camera and also the front porch camera where he left the packages did not record his delivery. What gives???

There’s all kinds of videos out there from security cameras showing delivery drivers tossing packages. Soooooo, UPS installed jammers in their trucks and changed their tagline to Where Did Brown Dissappear To?

Blink cameras use WiFi. Wifi uses radio waves (in the microwave range I think, haven’t taken a physics class in a long time though). So yes, any wireless communication can theoretically be jammed.

But IMO it’s just not very likely. I believe it’s illegal, for one thing, so why would your ups driver go through the trouble of violating federal communications laws and the time/expense of obtaining such a device?

It’s more likely that something about your setup results in inconsistent triggering from the cameras.

If you post some screenshots of how your cameras are positioned, as well as their settings pages including signals strengths, that would help with troubleshooting.


It works perfectly on every other vehicle or movement.

I think the odds of it being deliberate are almost none existent. I can imagine a few ways in which it could be possible to happen accidentally, but it would help a lot, to narrow it down, if we could see a plan, or schematic, of your layout. Like, router here, sync module here, cameras here, and here, on a little drawing…

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You seem to have made up your mind already?

If you don’t give us more to go on, it’s hard to suggest more plausible alternatives.

I was having a bit of the same problem with our UPS delivery and the camera not triggering, I found that I needed to change the position of the camera and now it triggers every time. I don’t know why your girlfriend would trigger it but not the UPS but when I changed the position of the camera to a lower view, which was pointed more toward the ground, less of the sky, it works so much better.

Other FEDEX & UPS trucks trigger my cameras. Just the route driver that USUALLY delivers to my house does not appear on my cameras. So it can’t be angles or position as EVERYTHING else coming down my driveway DOES trigger my cameras. (Not yelling, just emphasizing the details)

Maybe your usual driver is a zombie and has no body heat or infrared signature to trip the cams! LOL (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

My UPS driver doesn’t show up either. Everyone else does. It’s weird!

UPS allows their drivers to use a blocker that disables the Blink cameras. I guess they don’t want the public to record their package handling abuses.

Do you have evidence of this? It’s so illegal, it’s not even funny.

I am finding that most all deliveries are not being recorded as well, but all other activity is being picked up, including all the neighborhood cats! My daughter also has the same issue with her deliveries. So I’m betting some drivers are jamming.

This is just a WILD guess, but perhaps the electronic device they carry to scan the package just before they drop it at the door runs on 2.4 GhZ and it puts out either a cellular signal or a strong signal to the truck’s computer that then transmits the delivery time, date and perhaps GPS location (?) to another destination. If it is a more powerful (1 Watt?) transmitter, your cameras are useless, as they cannot overcome the stronger signal.

When the UPS guy drops a package at my door and gives me a quick double knock on the glass door, I get an E-mail about 5 seconds later, that my package has been delivered. This tells me that the electronic device he carries puts out a strong signal on a frequency that temporarily jams the BLINK cameras.

When he leaves that device in his truck, my BLINK cameras catch him. When he CARRIES that device with him to my back door, the cameras never record the drop at the door.

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It might be a wild guess, but it sounds pretty reasonable. Good thinking. It has to be something like this, because officially sanctioning deliberately jamming them, as was suggested above, is not possible.

Some drivers might, off their own back, but many/all, and UPS allowing their drivers to do so, no chance, and it’s too often reported for it to not be a real thing.

I believe it is pretty wild. I have 2 cameras facing the street that pick up every vehicle but UPS and FedEx. It always records all vehicles while on the road and again when backing up into my driveway. I do not receive alarms from these 2 delivery services. This destroys the 2.4 GhZ device jam argument. A third porch camera also does not record their actions.

Ive had 100s of deliveries. UPS, fed ex, amazon, usps. My blinks always capture them.

Yes, I never said it applied to all. I simply said too common not to be a thing, paraphrasing slightly. We read about it all the time in here. Not even saying this is definitely the answer, though it could be.

If you already have not the perfect WiFi connection, if the driver’s device comes with him to the door, maybe many don’t do that, if it happens to be operating, as he walks up, if your channel selection on your router, matches that of the UPS guy’s device, etc, etc, it could result in many being missed for some.

And where you live in is different than where I live. I am just saying MY deliveries do not register on my Blink cameras. Individual drivers can carry a jamming device, I am not saying ALL drivers carry a jamming device.

Im not saying its not possible. Just sharing my experience. Do I doubt this is some sort of jamming conspiracy? Yes, I doubt that. Do I think there is some possible explanation that wifi cams are getting screwed up by the handheld? Sure, thats possible.

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