My phone no longer gets notifications when my cameras are triggered

Notifications just stopped the other day. I have had the cameras for about 3 years and have had no issues. App is up to date. Signal is strong. Batteries are fresh. I tried restarting the module. Im stumped. Anyone have any other ideas to try?


Forgot to say, Im using an android

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Same with me. I’ve owned a Blink since beginning of March and it worked fine until last weekend

Uninstall the app and reinstall. Solved the problem for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will that get rid of all the videos that already show up?
I don’t want to lose those since I’m using mine to monitor inside a birdhouse :grin:

It shouldn’t, the videos are in the cloud, on Blink’s servers, and are app independent. For example, I see them in an android phone emulation on my PC, even if my phone is turned off.

However, it should be said, if you have videos that are important to you, and you do not want to lose them, no way you should be relying only on a third party, Blink/Amazon, to look after them for you in their cloud. I promise you, if you read through their terms of service, they will make no guarantee of the availability of your videos, or even of the service itself.

If you need them, and would be gutted if they were lost, you need to back them up to an independent location. My preferred method is to use whatsapp to share them to a group with only me in it. Start with two people and delete the other member, and it leaves only you. Then, using whatsapp web, on another device, PC, or whatever, you can save them somewhere sensible, such they are included in your daily, routine back up, of said device. That way they end up in four places, and cannot be lost.

Four because they are in Blink’s cloud, in the whatsapp message history, in a folder on your PC, or preferred device, and in your own back up of that same device.

Sharing by whatsapp is quick and easy, as is sharing by email, which is what a lot of others do, but one thing is for sure, you should not be relying on only Blink, if you value those videos.

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Thanks, good to know.
I actually unmount the USB that I have and copy them to my laptop drive. I bought the syc module option.
This community app didn’t recognize the email I used to setup my Blink, so hoping I can reset my password that I already forgot lol.