My personal Blink story

So I’ve had both blink cameras for well over 6 months now and I’ve been trolling these forums for the past few months. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on using the system.

I first started off with the white indoor cameras, one in my living room and another monitoring my front door. I originally wanted them as my house alarm kept giving me false alarms so I wanted blink to check in on my property throughout the day. I was and still am very pleased with the indoor white cameras, in fact they’re still on the same batteries they shipped with July 2017.
For my indoor ones I’ve set them to record for up to 60 seconds with a sensitivity at 7. I’ve set it to these settings after much testing and because these ones hardly get used or triggered, the only time my indoor ones are triggered/used is if I accidentally forget to disarm the system before I arrive home, or if I’m away from home and I live view into them to check everything is still okay.

So as I was impressed with the peace of mind and simplicity of blink, around November 2017 I finally decided to order the Blink XT. I didn’t install it for a few weeks as I wanted to test it out fully and figure some settings out before I installed it outside, I had read about some issues some other people were facing with the cameras so that was another reason on waiting.
After I was satisfied it was time to put the camera into action, at first I loved it, being able to see someone at the door without opening the door was one of the main reasons for investing in the outdoor camera. But after a week or so, my XT was generating loads of clips, I had it initially set to sensitivity 5 and recording for 20 seconds.
Because of this I learned how the system works, I’d hear someone knock on my door, because I wanted to see who it was before answering, I’d wait for the clip to show, however I’d be waiting until the 20 seconds was up and then another few seconds before I’d get the clip, by that point, whoever was at the door would be gone.
So I dialled the sensitivity down and reduced the length to 10 seconds and this was much better.
My flat is basically on the street so I’d constantly get notifications of people walking by which initially concerned me in terms of battery usage, I knew I wouldn’t get the two years but I was hoping for at least a year.
So around 6 months later, on one particular day (luckily I was in) I kept getting camera is offline notifications, this initially panicked me as my first thought was oh sh** someone’s pinched my camera (I don’t live in an good area) however after around 10 minutes the camera came back online but the recordings took a long time to come through or they’d be glitchy. At this point the battery status was still showing as “ok” I thought it wasn’t right so I went out, brought the camera in and took the batteries out and back in to reset the camera thinking maybe a software bug. This fixed it and the recordings where back to normal, until the next morning when I got the camera offline notification again, but this time it never came back online. So again I went back out, took the batteries out again and replaced and nothing. Changed the batteries to fresh ones and back online within minutes.

I was disappointed they only lasted 6 months but because of where I live and the settings I had, I learned to live with it. The batteries are somewhat cheap enough.

So in conclusion to my long winded story about blink, it’s great in my opinion but god it does have a while to go, notifications are a common complaint based on what I’ve read on the forums, depending on your settings and your internet speed and camera signal, It can take a while before a notification comes through.
Also over the months I’ve noticed countless bugs with the software, outages with the servers, random log outs of the app.
Pretty much what everyone else complains about on here.

I do give credit to blink though, they’ve solved a product category that I didn’t know existed, had I known what I know now back when I was looking for a battery powered camera, would I still get one? Yes, mainly because I’m soooooooooooo looking forward to the blink doorbell, I tried the ring doorbell and I hated the fact that I had to pay for cloud video. I do have one gripe tho, when I heard Blink was going to CES 18 I was pretty excited that it wouldn’t be much longer for a release. However it’s not July and we are all still waiting. I appreciate the fact that everyone is working hard on the doorbells release but announcing it so long ago when it wasn’t even ready, I do feel that was a bad move on blinks part. I’ve been excited for it ever since I first read about it, everyday since my excitement has been slowly decreasing.

Still though if it were to come out in the next month or two. I’d order it in a heartbeat.

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