My Motion recording feature is now unavailable on one of my cameras

One of my Blink Cameras now have motion recording as unavailable to me. Could you please help me figure this out? Thank you

As Joel will often say, we can only guess, as fellow customers. My guess would be that your trial subscription has ended, and you have no paid subscription and no USB device in your sync module 2, so you have no cloud storage, and no local storage available, thus recording not available.

If this does not apply, my guess is still that this is what your app thinks is the case. If so, you need to contact support, because no one here will know for sure.

If you have other cams that are working correctly, try changing the batteries in the bad cam (ignore the battery indicator as it’s inaccurate). If that doesn’t fix the problem contact tech support. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Delete that camera from your system.
Then add it back in.
It just might work and it would be a lucky guess on my end.

An unlucky day would be when you add camera back in, it’s problematic and won’t work for reasons we can only guess at.

A man’s got to know his limitations! Soooo, are you feeling lucky?
Eastwood- A Man’s Got to Know his Limitations - YouTube

Thank you very much. I will try these things when I get home and let you all know.

Did anything work?
One of my two outdoor cameras now has this issue, the other is fine. The one not working just had its batteries changed, still not working. But I can view video live and take pictures. Just no motion recording, says it is unavailable just as in your image.