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I want both my wife and I to be able to monitor our Blink system. This shouldn’t be that hard to implement, and it seems weird that we can’t already do that as two users on the same system in our home.


You can do that now. She downloads the app and signs in using your credentials. Done!

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I’m familiar with that method, I’d like us both to monitor at the same time. Can two phones be signed in with the same info? Thanks!

@Bears_Backup : I just tried doing that with mine and my wife’s phone - worked perfectly! We’re on Android in case that makes a difference.

Hey @Bears_Backup,

Just to confirm what @ronsec was saying, you can absolutely sign into multiple devices with the same Blink credentials! In my house we have me, my grandpa and my girlfriend also accessing the same account on three different devices (2 android, 1 iphone).

Let us know if we can help with anything else!

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@nick_at_blink I think our issue here is we should not have to share credentials to do this. That just is not a very good option with all of the hacks going on these days. I am able to do this for other smart home devices and can even manage each of those users access levels to the shared devices. This allows me to have my spouse and roommate have access to change the temperature of the house without giving them admin rights to the devices. Blink should do something similar.


Cool. One of the complaints in the Amazon reviews was that only one person could monitor, but I guess that person was mistaken. We’re both signed on now.

It would be great to have multiple unique users though.

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You probably can’t have two users doing something at the exact same time. For example, viewing the live feed from the same camera. But I’m not sure if that would change even if they did implement multiple users.


Hi @wiseman13,

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be great to be able to give multiple users various levels of access to specific account. Unfortunately, as you know, this isn’t available at the moment, but I hope to see it implemented in the near future!


I can appreciate the complexity of having different users on different levels of admin rights. But for now can we at least get 2-step verification implemented?
As it currently stands not only can anyone who knew your login details access and change your account but you wouldn’t even know.
I appreciate password strength/uniqueness etc but we all know people who have weak or common passwords don’t we?
Something similar to Dropbox would be ideal. I can see there who is logged in and that also requires 2-step verification to enable access.

This is a suggestion/comment. Not a criticism.


I just received by 3 camera Blink system and upon setting it up, was extremely disappointed that the systems does NOT support unique user access accounts. This basically mean that all users need to SHARE the same login, which gives EVERYONE ACCESS TO ALL CAMERAS on the account. Blink might have great hardware, but it is really behind in software to support the necessary features to take advantage of the hardware. “hope to in implemented in the near future” means nothing. Come on Blink (Amazon), get this company turned around before this becomes a 2 horse race (Arlo and Nest) and leaves Blink behind.


Aargh, I just ordered a starter system last night and want to cancel after reading this thread. Of course we’re not sharing passwords – that’s Security 101 – so how do homeowners monitor their system? I don’t know where Blink is based, but where I live, multiple people live in a house. Is multiple people living in one house an unsupported use case for Blink?


Hi @fireupthegrill,

I just want to clarify that multiple users can share and access the same system, so to answer your question, multiple people living in one house is a supported use case and something I am sure that many of our users utilize. However, all users need to use the same account, meaning the same username and password. We are based in Andover, MA… I live with three family members and we all have no issue accessing Blink on our own devices, using the same credentials, but I do understand wanting to limit access for certain users through different account permissions.

I hope this helps!

Nick, no, it doesn’t help. By the definition of multiple-user support that you’re using, I could also share a single email address, like, but almost anyone would consider that cringeworthy. Multiple humans sharing a single set of credentials is not what this thread is talking about. If multiple users each want to use strong passwords and their own password managers, they don’t want to be emailing around passwords in plaintext, and they each want to deal with lost-password recovery on their own, then the hack you’re describing isn’t sufficient.

We train users not to share login credentials. Pretending that sharing is the same as multi-user support is disingenuous.

I understand that this thread (as well as others going back more than a year now) is asking for engineering work. We’d like the user-profile table to be distinct from the camera-system table. We’d like it to be a many-to-many relationship. Amazon (your company) lets multiple users (real users, not pretend users) share a single Prime account. Where there are business reasons to restrict multiple-user access, such as Kindle book purchases, they don’t support it, and I understand that. But there are ample business reasons for Blink to support true multi-user access to a single system.

You’re a security company. A security company shouldn’t encourage people to share passwords.


fireupthegrill is spot on. Blink has failed miserably at the multiple user scenario. Their proposed solution of shared logins is hacky at best.

I just installed on an iPhone, Could not imagine why I could not find the “add user” button. I had to log out out for my wife to log in with my credentials. Whichever of us tried to login while the other was, we got the error “invalid”. So the even the “work around” for Android doesn’t appear to work for iPhone.

With a parent company worth Billions, spend a few million to get i right Blink. It’s not that hard.


I agree that they need to add a real user management feature to the app, but the workaround does work for iOS. If you’re getting an error, support might be able to help you.

i just setup my system and get the notifications, now i had my wife download the app and sign on as me and she can see the cameras, but does NOT get the motion detected notifications, how can i fix this? thanks,

Hi @jimbob,

The first thing to do would be to check the app settings for Blink and make sure that notifications are enabled for her device. Secondly, I would check her device notifications and make sure that Blink notifications are enabled there.

Additionally, what phone does your wife have?

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Here is another reason the feature could help or not…

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