Multiple Sync Modules to covers large property

Is there anyway to use multiple sync modules to cover large property. I have good WiFi throughout and 10 cameras to install, 5 of which have been installed. But 1 camera keeps going offline and I’m sure it’s struggling getting a signal from the sync module. I have multiple sync modules available due to the way I bought the camera (2 x 3 camera kits and 1 x 2 camera kit) - can I add one of the other sync modules to extend the range or would they have to be set up as another system. If the latter is my only options, is there an easy way to group this better?

Yes you can and for logic and convenient arming you can group the sync modules as, say, inside outside front back etc. within the app by using add another sync module.

Remember the cameras need very strong Wi-fi and the sync modules need strong Wi-fi and a good signal to each of their cameras

The jury is out on how to handle the WIFi side of it as each sync module could have its own hotspot and credentials which it then passes to its cameras too or you can use a mesh network which should provide better reliability and coverage (although I spent most most of yesterday struggling with a blink system on mine) TBH the WIFi side of this is a pain as to try and achieve full signal on 6 cameras and 2sync units apparently means a WIFi hotspot every 5 yards

Get a wired POE system and your problems go away. Large property, multiple cameras totally justifies the extra money to run ethernet wires.

WiFi is strong throughout the house. At any corner or the house I can achieve 100mbs down/20mbs up. WiFi isn’t an issue. Zigbee is more likely to be the issue as only one sync unit in the entire house is never really going to deal with all cameras

So it appears as though I can add extra sync units but these appear as separate systems. What I’d rather be able to do is have two or theee sync units (which I already have) working as one cohesive system so I don’t have to choose a sync unit to see the cameras connected to that sync unit.

That would be nice, but not available right now, and I wouldn’t hold my breath. People have asked repeatedly, for that and or custom groupings, regardless of the sync module.