Multiple accounts on Phone

Is there a way to have 2 accounts on the APP, I have cameras at my house and also have some at the fire dept im on, Is there a way I can view the FD cams from my phone without logging out of my home cams and into the FD cams, I don’t want to add the FD cams to my amazon blink account as im not the only officer at the FD that monitors the Cams

Not only no support for multiple accounts…

Blink Terms of Service and Licensing rights forbids commercial use of their product. Commercial use probably voids warranty also would be my guess. Fire department is commercial use.

Blink is a home monitoring device. No matter what the marketing and advertisements say, Blink is not and does not work like a traditional security system. It’s really meant for very simple home use only. You can share your 1 and only account with multiple people however. Those other people log into your account with your email and your password. Problem is, now Blink uses two factor security. They send a pin number to the cell phone of the account holder. That just screwed up all those other people you shared the account credentials with. They will never get the pin number for two factor authentication.

Ehh for 34.99 a camera sometimes 24.99 im not worried about warranty, and i dont really consider a small volunteer fire dept commercial use oh well, home account on the phone, Fire dept account on the Ipad not a huge deal