Mounting flush to wall

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I have purchased 3 blink cameras and mounted them to my walls outside, however I do not like the bold camera look and people seeing cameras as makes people feel uncomfortable and feeling watched, also they can easy be stolen and there quite expensive.

I am wanting some brackets like the old blink XT brackets so I can put the camera flush to the wall behind some plants so it is hidden. I would be really happy if someone could recommend some wall mounts that are flush to the wall or even if anyone has any spare old blink xt mounts they can give me? (I would be happy to pay) I’m in quite a desperate situation because I quite like my blink cameras but I don’t like them sticking off my wall and noticeable.

Many thanks, Peter :blush:

I have a few. Honestly, I bet Blink has a ton, and would send you some. Just a hunch.

Based on your handle, are you in MA?

Sorry I should of probably mentioned I live in England, I’m not sure we’re MA is, I have emailed blink asking, blink has not replied as of yet. I could imagine they staff is reduced due to the pandemic.

Oh, we have a Charlton, Massachusetts. That got me thinking. Then again, we stole lots of town names from you!

Of course, postage would be outrageous. Maybe a “local” can help you out. Good luck!

Flip side thoughts from what a professional security system installer told me. Consumers/customers want hidden cameras for the reasons you mentioned.

Bad guys hate being on camera. So with this in mind, mount your cameras up high so they cant be easily stolen. Mount them so it is obvious people are on camera. Put out signs that say you have cameras. Innocent people know they are on camera as they travel around. No big deal. Bad guys move on to an easier target. The idea is not to catch the bad guy on camera much less deal with the bad guy in real life. The idea is to have the bad guy have 2nd thoughts and pick an easy target. Blink is simply a deterrent and a very inexpensive one at that. If you need a real security system, spend more money and get a real one.