Mounting Bracket very weak

Did i do something wrong? The connection between the bracket and the wall mount piece seems very weak and feels like it could fall off easily in a wind

Hi @Luke_Lynch,

Personally, I have had no issue with the mounts and have 3 XT Cameras mounted outside. Something to make sure you do is to tighten the screw on the mounts as much as you can when you have the mounts at the angle you want.

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its not the hinge - its the connection between the hinge and the square bracket that gets screwed in

I see what you mean. As I mentioned, I’ve had no issue at all with this but I know that some customers aren’t happy with the mounts. I live in MA and have never seen my cameras move or fall due to wind. I have my mounts screwed into vinyl siding that has plywood behind it.

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You can snug up the silver thumb screw on the folding part of the hinge. Also make sure your screw is seated all the way in the bracket when screwing it to wherever you’re mounting it. Very high winds my camera has shaken a little but mine are all still secured in the same spot.

Most users on this form are using the stock mount fine. If you do a search there’s other 3rd party mounts for a decent price too.

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Hi @Luke_Lynch,

As @nick_at_blink, has stated, there should not be a problem with your XT mounts as long as the mount is securely screw into the wall and the silver screw is tightened. There is no way to 100% that your camera will never fall off. May withe the case of having winds over 25+ miles per hour a round your house.
That said, there are other options out there for Blink cameras.
I am using one of the new Blin XT (non branded) mounts which can be adjusted and will stand up to external forces on Amazon. You should check them out.

I reviewed 1 (Leo) of them and have placed photos of them on my house. They are not for everyone, but look into it.

The camera can easily be stolen. Even when mounted high a stick could easily be used to knock it off it’s mount. I would prefer a locking mount using a key or some kind of release to secure the camera.
I have zero confidence in the mount!

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@nebbol: Welcome to the forums. Let’s face it, even if they made the mount out of steel the cam is still plastic. If the cam is stolen it cannot be used as it is assigned to your account. If you search the forum you will find some ideas that other users have come up with. As far as I’m concerned (for myself only), it’s not worth the trouble to theft proof a $100 camera especially since the possibility of it being stolen is unlikely.


There is difference between the Blink interior Camera brackets and what is coming with the Blink XTs. The “ring” on the interior Blinks has a better grip on the camera and the wall base. The XT’s ring is different, not much plastic to grab the camera or the wall mount base. Have found if you are installing in cold weather the XT bracket “pops” out of the base when screwing into the wall. then when you go to snap in the XT camera if feels like it could just fall out.


There was a bad batch of hinges. CS send me a replacement that is a significant improvement. Ask for a replacement.

I’ll say it weak, had my up 3 days first cold snap it just came unsnapped and went rolling down the sidewalk

Will the blink interior mount work with the xt ? The xt mount works, but minimally. Snaps apart very easily when making adjustments. I’m a new user and this is my only criticism to date.

I have not used the Blink white interior bracket with the Blink XT since I never had a spare one to try. I have Blinks Camera Systems in two locations. Northern Illinois were this winter has been crazy (-50) and in the south where temps do not go below 32 very often. I have found that the holding power in temps below 40 is not good unless you are using the XT in a garage or tucked up under a roof overhang.

For the Illinois location XT’s, I changed to the bracket in the photo below. While it will be more of a challenge to change the batteries (screws together with little screws), I do not have to be concerned with the camera dropping because of the “stock” XT bracket failing during extreme subzero temperatures.

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I have a very similar mount, but haven’t gotten to install them yet. I’m lucky enough to have outlets on my eaves (for Christmas lights), so I’ll also be hooking them up to A/C power.

The stock mount is less than ideal. I have two 5 camera systems, purchased in Dec 2018 and January 2018.
All 10 have less than confidence-inspiring engagement of the bracket into the camera and into the mounting tab.

I wish Blink had added a simple 1/4-20 thread to the case.
That is the standard tripod thread the world over and would have allowed a multitude of mounting options or even consumers to fabricate a sturdier mount with less than a dollars worth of angle bracket, 1/4" bolt and a couple of nuts.

i think you just stumbled on a third party idea for a case…:thinking:

Some 3rd party cases do exactly that, the case has a 1/4-20 thread and mounts to a cheap 1/4-20 threaded mount.

The problem is they run $12-20 for three of them. I shouldn’t have to spend $48-80 to upgrade the mounting system on cameras that aren’t exactly cheap to begin with, when a simple $0.04 nut could have been molded into the case for the start.

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oh i agree. just didn’t know they’re on the market already.

So I had a camera that has been mounted to a tree for a month just fall off two nights ago.
None of the other cameras that cover the approach to that area caught any person or animal and it’s been too cold for squirrels.
It’s mounted about 8ft up in a tree that is about 18" diameter, so it wasn’t dislodged by any movement of the tree.
The camera itself didn’t capture anything, so as far as I can figure it just popped off the bracket.
Not cool, thankfully it is in a spot in the back yard where nobody would have found it and walked away with it.

I’ve had the same issue - 4 times with 3 different cameras. All were minutes on trees so I suspect either a squirrel or large bird in at least 3 cases. One was in the middle of a heavy snow storm so now it is buried somewhere until weather warms.
In each case the v-shaped mount stayed attached to the camera but separated from the plastic mount screwed to the tree.
It doesn’t seem unreasonable that a little sturdier mount should be standard.