Mounting Advice For New Camera

I just received my cameras. I need them for the outside of my apartment which has it’s own outside door. I am not sure how the cameras field of vision works and not sure how to mount. I have brick or plastic around the doors and wish to mount there, but can’t drill holes. Looking at suggestions for Command Outdoor Tape as a mount. I don’t want to mount until I know where to place them but not sure how they view to know where to place them. Do you mount yours high and point them down, or mount them near your front door at approximately head high? Please give me some suggestions on how and wear is a good place to mount. I have suspicious activity next door to me. The door is right next to mine about 4’ away from my door. Want to see who is coming up the walk and what is going on at that door. Suggestions for mounting place and how to mount outside not being able to drill holes in the brick would be very helpful to me. Thank you to everyone.

Set them up indoors. Test them fully, and become totally familiar with how they operate, including checking of the field of view in your indoor environment. Then, mount in a temporary fashion, in the correct location, based on what you have learnt from your indoor tests. Use the mount, and just tape it to the wall. Check all your signal strengths, and then test an approach to the offending door to see if you are detected and captured in the way you would like.

Once satisfied, consider how best to amend your temporary installation to be somewhat more permanent. Experiment with that too, indoors, on a board, or similar material to what you are presented with outside. When you are satisfied you have a suitable mounting method, perform the installation outside.

Others may well be able to assist with details of how they fixed their cameras, when screwing is not an option. I have only one using a suction cup, and it falls off about once every few months, but it’s fine because it doesn’t have far to fall, and has a rubber cover on it. I think it was Joel that mentioned, it’s not a question of ‘if’ a suction mount will fail, but ‘when’, and he was right.

I think some have used various tape solutions, and had no issues, but I have no experience of those in this application. For other applications, I have used 3M very high bond tape (VHB), and the performance is astonishing. If I were to replicate that for Blink, I would screw a little plate to the mount, to give me more tape area. Probably flat and clean white plastic, to create a great bond for the tape, and would then use a couple of square inches of tape to bond to a smooth outdoor surface, assuming you have one available in the correct location.

There are a few different types of construction adhesives in the form of caulk gun tubes for brick/masonry. However your apt manager will probably not allow it. 3M tape is used to attach body side molding and logos to cars/trucks. It lasts for many years. The door frame that is plastic is where I would start.

Sadly, it is not high enough to prevent camera theft nor is it high enough to get ideal mount location for PIR motion detector. Use pic below for mount location guide.