Mounting - "7 feet or higher"

What’s with the 7 feet or higher mounting recommendation? Is this just so someone can’t easily steal it? Since I have wired cameras in all the traditional camera spots, my Blink XT (and indoor Blink) will be in slightly unconventional spots. I’m thinking about mounting to the tree trunk looking back at the house, for instance. If I mount it 7 feet high in the tree, it would be covered with leaves. Another question regarding mounting to a tree looking at the house, if the camera is pointed towards windows and the blinds are open. Will it record the motion inside of the house. (I’m actually hoping the answer is no since I sit in my office all day, I would have to disarm the camera during the day if that’s the case.)

This is interesting, I have not seen this graphic or heard about the 7+ foot recommendation. I have a lot of my indoor cameras sitting on bookshelfs much lower than 7 feet and never had an issue.

Hey @livingtx,

While I am unsure of what the official reasoning is regarding this recommendation, I imagine it has to do with optimal viewing angels and distance. As the graphic shows, that height has likely been found to be optimal in most homes, to capture the full image of a room, or a person from close range. I wouldn’t take the recommendation too heavily, as blink cameras are used in so many unique locations, that it really comes down to user preference. This just seems to be a recommendation for the average user that might be trying to decide where to a place a camera.

Nope. The camera uses passive infrared to detect “motion,” which is essentially changes in temperature in front of the sensor. It doesn’t work through glass.

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All of my cameras are outside and all of them are mounted 10+ feet above the ground so they can’t be easily stolen.