Motion sensor cover has a hole in it. What to do?

The motion sensor cover (the ‘bubble’) has a hole in it where a squirrel chewed on it. Is there any way to fix this? Replacement parts or something? Everything seems to be working still I’m just thinking that water getting in there won’t be good. Or is this all OK? Thx.

I don’t think you’ll have much luck getting a replacement part from Blink, though it can’t hurt to ask I guess.

The “bubble” is a fresnel lens covering the PIR sensor. I’m not 100% sure what that does as far as the sensor’s functionality, it probably focuses incoming IR light in some way that improves the sensitivity. So the sensor could still work without it but maybe not as well as it used to.

And your point re: water entry into the device is a good one. If it were my camera, I’d probably replace it, or maybe wait til it stops working and then replace it.

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Damn, that’s annoying. If and when you replace it, how are you going to keep the squirrels at bay? If they did it once they will do it again, no doubt.

There are cheap lenses for PIR devices out there on ebay, etc, but how you would match it exactly, and or fit it correctly, in a sealed way, if you did, I have no idea. Depends how handy you are.

If it had happened to me I would quite like to try, and would probably trim off the existing with a modelling knife, and do the same to the bottom of a replacement, and then seal it in place with clear sealant. Lets face it, you can’t make it worse than having a big hole in it.

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Thanks for the replies. Suttyblink, I don’t know where you’re proposing I get a replacement part to clear seal in its place.
I’m taking it that my camera will be toast soon if I leave it outdoors. Or, I’ll have to retire it to the great indoors.

Just Google ‘fresnel lens for pir sensor’ and you will get some hits, but you will have to check the details of the size, etc. Won’t break the bank if it doesn’t work. A couple of quid from eBay.

Pretty sure it will be toast if you leave it like that outside. If bringing it inside is an option, I would do that. Sounds like a plan.

Yep… me too – on two of them. My wife called customer service to see if we could get a part and they wanted us to send the cameras in and get credit (they couldn’t tell her how much until they saw the camera) for a new camera or other items on Amazon. I tore the camera down (real easy) and popped out the Fresnel lens. No gluing or anything is required… All I need (and I’m sure hundreds or thousands of other customers with squirrels) is a $1.00 plastic Fresnel lens replacement. I’m sure it is a common item that needs replaced. I am annoyed with Blink/Amazon that these parts are not available to their customers. It is beyond baffling why they would be this way… At least tell me the part number so I can get the right one from another source…

Why would they have replacement parts? Wyze doesn’t, blink doesn’t, ring doesn’t. I’m not aware of any diy cams that have actual replacement parts besides power cords or mounts.

Usually opening up electronics voids the warranty too. Stuff in this price range is usually “throw away” type.

Does the maker of your cell phone, laptop, tablet, television, or even the remote control for your television provide you with any part numbers? Nope. Can you order replacement parts from the makers of those devices? Some but most nope. If you fix electronics for a living or a hobby, you’ll find service manuals, parts number lists and parts come from 3rd party sources for the most part.

Fresnel lense…get it from Grainger or Digikey.

Just saying I own it and I have the right to fix it. Companies have the right to not want their customers to fix it also. I appreciate companies that make it easier for people like me to fix things. Blink has made it next to impossible to replace this $1.00 piece of plastic. I have searched for hours and hours searching for the right part. Not even has any information about the Blink camera. Anyway… I’ll be moving on to cameras that are fixable.

Starting over with a different brand is how I’m gonna go too. I just need a rabid squirrel to eat a 1 dollar part first to snap that rubber band off my wallet.

p.s. what brand of camera is repairable that competes with Blink?