Motion sensor, blink mini

I recently installed a blink mini, upto now I’m not that impressed with the motion detection sensor it’s not always picking people up when they walk into the room.
I see in the settings there’s a 1 to 9 sensor setting, I tried it on setting number one and setting number 9 and none seem to make much difference. Which is the most sensitive setting number, also what’s the range of the motion detection ?

Your answers are here at the support website. This is also the user’s manual. Use the search function like you would with Google.

Brilliant answer … I fully appreciate your support … thanks for answering my question … Perfect :+1:

Joel is so damn consistent with those links :rofl:. But he is right !!! Read first, then ask :man_shrugging:t2:

Sometimes it’s easier just to ask … it’s that simple :rofl:. Otherwise, “why call it a support group” … why not just call it – “read the instructions group” … I asked a genuine straightforward question, I was bounced back to – “read up”. You guys are just assuming, I didn’t read up. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t … You will never know :rofl:

Thanks for your support, this is the best support group on the www :rofl::smiley::rofl: Absolutely love it, thanks guys … Great work :rofl::+1:

When you ask which motion setting is the most sensitive we do indeed know you didn’t read the "manual’! That being said, what the more experienced people are trying to do on here (with limited success LOL) is to show users where to go for the answers. Reading the FAQ and Support sections will give you a lot of info and make your ownership experience more enjoyable. I will give you this info for free - if you continue with your contentious replies you will either get no further help or you won’t be here much longer.

A lovely … massive reply from you … :+1:
I’ll say it, in just two simple words.
“Keep smiling” :smiley:

I know I will :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: x

Brilliant supportive group.

It’s obvious we know. Remember what I told you before?

This is a community forum, not a support group. In a community setting you get right answers, no answers, and wrong answers. You may even get a disinformation campaign. Want official support follow that link I have given you multiple times now.

This is indeed the Gospel from Father Ron. We’ve seen it happen so many times it’s way beyond the second coming of Christ.

This is a community and like all communities, the members in good standing run the show. Those members flag and report problems to the admins. The admins are behind the scenes but make no mistake, they have a wand that is magical. Poof gone!

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Luv it :kissing_heart: