Motion notification when night vision turns on

I have a Blink mini camera that sends a motion notification whenever it switches from colour to night vision. This is only when motion detection is enabled, obviously.

The video is black for a few seconds, then you hear a “CLICK” and the night vision image is present. No actual motion.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is it a defect?

We have two Blink Mini cameras, the second one being installed yesterday.
We’ve found that when the camera night vision is set to ‘auto’ it doesn’t update & reverts to ‘off’ so we have to manually select ‘on’ at night & select ‘off’ in the day.
The slightly older Blink Mini camera will show as ‘auto’ but at night the night vision doesn’t activate so we have to set that camera ‘on’ & ‘off’ manually as well.
Also both cameras take ages to update the signal strength while the normal outdoor & indoor cameras do it in a few seconds & all the functions work faultlessly.
Totally unsatisfactory but I’m about to contact Blink Support.
So not exactly the same problem that you have but related & a good indication that the Blink Mini cameras seem to be flakey.
P.S. Just checked the settings & both cameras are now showing night vision as ‘auto’ so I’ll check tonight & report back.

After a few days of monitoring both cameras they have the same fault.
They won’t hold the night vision ‘auto’ setting which reverts to ‘off’ but still changes between night vision & day vision some of the time but at other times the night vision remains off.
The faults are totally random so it’ll involve a mind-numbing call to Blink support who’ll get me to to perform checks that I’ve already performed 10 times before I phoned.