Motion Detection Stopped Working

My motion detection has stopped working.

Running man icon “on”

Everything in correct settings for motion detection had been working fine for a long time and then all of the sudden stopped.

Is the system armed?

Are you able to view live feeds?

Mine too it stopped recording motion detection though it can view live feeds.

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Here are some troubleshooting steps:

1.) Ensure motion detection is turned on in the settings
2.) Ensure that the camera is armed (look for the dark “running man” next to the camera settings button)’
3.) Ensure that the entire system is armed. This is located in the lower right hand corner of the app
4.) Ensure good signal strength to the camera
5.) If all of the above are correct, try changing the batteries in the device. When you remove the old batteries, let the camera sit empty for a minute or two before putting the new batteries in.

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Happened to me also on XT cameras. Replaced batteries was the fix. Both old batteries measured 1.53 volts so it wasn’t weak low volt situation. Chalk it up to electronics love restarts to work correctly.

Yes and yes.

Mine stopped working also this week. Was there some update? Running Man is on. It is armed. I can do live view or pictures. However, motion still won’t activate it. So far, just this one camera out of my 4.


Had another original XT camera that motion detect stopped working. Knowing these cameras love restarts via taking batteries out for 30 seconds or so, then putting brand new batteries back in…I found a couple of new things.

New batteries always worked. Measure existing battery voltage - if 1.50 Vdc or higher, put back in the original batteries got the motion detect to work again.

Another way to get motion detect working was to delete the camera from mobile app. Then do the add new camera routine which is actually a reinstall of existing camera. You must know the serial # of the camera to do this however. After reinstall, you can change order display of cameras to your liking.

Does it work on XT2 series I don’t know as I don’t have any. My guess is yes it would work and the add camera is reinitializing the camera, thus resetting the motion detection to work again.

If you did not document your serial numbers of cameras during install, you should to it during battery change. The reasons for this are now obvious.

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I also have the same issue today. I can view live feed, I can take new snapshots. I put in fresh batteries, I left batteries out for 5+ minutes.
It is so windy out tonight, I should be disarming the camera. Last night it took its last motion triggered picture, the weather was mild and raining, but the camera was dry.
When I put the new batteries in, I did get it to trigger, so I put it back out its a no go.

I put fresh batteries in it and it started working again.

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After leaving it out, eventually it started working again.

My motion detection also stopped working this week. Was there an update? Armed, running man dark, battery statue is good, wifi strong, will try pulling batteries out tomorrow for a restart. Sad my neighbor’s car was vandalized would have loved to catch a pic of them.

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my camera quits every other day new batteries every thing is right in settings, found a reset in camera you have to use a toothpick to stickin little hole to reset. it works for 2 days and quits again. done this 6-7 times always fixes problem than 2 days later it quits. it is a piece of ■■■■ do not recomm


What do you mean “it quits”? Have you contacted tech support? You may have a defective cam that needs to be replaced. A little more info from you would help us help you.

the motion detection stops working, it worked for 6 months now for past 3 months I have to press reset with small point every time to get it working. I can access camera from phone and take a pic or video when its not working just motion not working


I think you should contact tech support. You can use the form by clicking on support at the top of this page or call (recommend) 781-332-5465. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

It just plain stops working. I have 6 XT original series for 23 months now. First time ever motion detection quit working on 3 out of 6. This was back in October. I got them to work again by either delete camera from app, then reinstall it, or simply replace batteries.

All cameras working again. No need to call tech support. I’m guessing a firmware push and/or app update caused the problem.

I’m also guessing re-adding an existing camera caused the camera to go through a initialization/reboot procedure. This made motion detection work again.

Anybody get a solution to this? I have two cameras doing the same thing. Both xt cameras will trigger like crazy. Multiply clicking then stops. Now motion will not work however live view does. Check the batteries and good power replace batteries works for a week, then does it again. I plugged one camera to a power outlet. The camera will still do the crazy multiple triggers every week or so, but it seems to still detect motion afterwards. What is going on with these cameras? Course they are out of warranty and if blink can’t get these working why should I invest in more camera. Frustrating.


My guess is your PIR sensor circuit board and IR filter lense is failing. The clicking noise is the IR filter trying to activate. It is a physical part that moves inside the camera. Failure of this part or low battery voltage is the common prognosis for the rapid clicking noise.

We all need a reality check on how long do you think an outdoor cheap entry level camera is actually going to last. My guess is 2-3 years. 3-4 years if the batteries actually lasted two years due to very low usage levels.

This is what I had to do. Caz. I went nutts trying to figure out why my cameras would not motion sense and record. I shut down. Rebooted everything. WiFi. Hub/Module. Cameras. Even my phone several times. Nothing worked. But, when I buy add on Blink cameras I always buy it with another hub/module. I replaced my Hub. Hooked up a new one. When that’s all done. Make sure to turn on the Disarm. It shuts off for some reason by default. I also run most of my Blink cameras with power. No batteries. I actually have 16 hard wire cameras up that run 24/7. That copy to a DVR. I use these blinks for around corners that I can not see and they are movable. I love that. Hope this helps. I’m sure Amazon sells just the hub.