Motion Detection & Sensitivity

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Good afternoon,

My wife and I bought your five camera Blink surveillance system earlier in the year. Our account is under the following email address, which I have Cc in this email as well - *************************

I am struggling with the Sensitivity setting, trying not to trigger the motion sensor on a raindrop, tree branch waiving in the wind, a bug flying by etc but still pick up cars driving by, people walking by and people walking up to the house.

My concern, as I’m tweaking settings to best fit our home environment, is that I’m seeing/experiencing erratic motion detections or lack thereof - meaning I’m not getting them when I should be.

My question is; Are you guys throttling down/restricting video captures depending on my Sensitivity setting and length of recording?

I have experienced this erratic motion detections/lack of video captures reporting back on various Sensitivity settings.

***My wifi connection between all devices is at full bars.

Please advise,

Thank you.


The motion sensor is NOT A MOTION sensor. It is a PIR sensor. Study how PIR works and you’ll answer most of your questions. PIR sensing is used for motion detection however. PIR is not accurate nor reliably repeatable as you are finding out.

You’ll also want to learn about Blink’s activity zone feature.

Study Blink’s support website. Use the search function (like google search) to find topics that interest you.

Below is info on Blink camera sensor technologies.

Copy this Joel - Thank you.

I guess when the app shows “Motion Recording” I’m automatically thinking Motion Detection/Sensor. I little mis-leading and or a lack of knowledge on my part.

I will do some homework.

Thank you!

There are lots of things about Blink that are a misleading but that’s another story.
Another good one for you to read

Perfect - Thank you sir!

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So all three of my outside cameras are set to 9 sensitivity with a retrigger time of 10 seconds and to record for 20 seconds.

The odd part is that all three cameras are constantly triggering/recording for the 20 second duration, with a 10 second pause/retrigger time and constantly repeating this pattern.

I have 700 motion detection notifications since 7:20p this evening and it’s 9:30p now.

I don’t think it’s a PIR sensor issue, but more of some type of glitch going on.

All three cameras are in totally different locations with different variations of sun/movement(people, cars etc).

I have bounced the syncmod multiple times and toggled the settings to different settings and then back to my original settings above multiple times, but still same exact repetitive situation.

I don’t want to over extend/shorten the life of the cameras because of this situation - if that’s even possible.

***All three cameras and syncmod have full wifi connection.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Turn sensitivity down to 5 thru 7
Then test what you want to detect
9 is typically way too high

Copy that.

I just disarmed, turned down to 7 and bounced the syncmod and armed.

Will report back.



I’m bouncing between 7 and 8, as I’m looking for a little more reach distance wise(if higher even helps with distance - still working on educating myself). Receiving only a handful of unwanted triggers periodically now, but much better than the 9 setting.

Thank you,

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Hey at least you are willing to take advice, guesses, clues and run with it, do your own testing, AND report back. That’s like 1,000% better than a few cry babies around this place.

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POP quiz for you to look up
What is the Blink specification for motion detect distance for your model of camera.

Hint - don’t try and make the camera perform more than what it is specified to do. It will do more, but not reliably nor consistently. That extra push = pain in the azz frustration on user’s end.

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I didn’t last minute google your/this question either :slight_smile:

From doing my homework that you have assigned;

Blink specification for motion detection = 20 ft.

Now what are and how far away are the object(s) you’re trying to detect?

Regarding hiow/where to mount cameras for ideal angle and ideal height…All this info is contained in this community forum and/or in the support website. Tons of info available but admittably, it’s buried inbetween even more tons of irrelavant crap that will frustrate most people trying to find answers. Look at pics below

People walking side to side on our side walk in front of our house, which is 20’ - 25’ and vehicles driving side to side on the road in front of our house which is 25’ - 30’.

Such good information - Thank you!

And yep, I’m definitely finding out the hardway with trial and error on distance triggering.