Motion detection only recording when were home?

Hi, just set up our camera today. Everything is connected fine- followed the instructions. App seems to work fine.

Just noticed this evening there were no motion detection recordings made when we were out of the house - no recordings in that time period. Surely the camera should work when we are out? There isnt much point to it if it only works when youre home. Our street is quite busy, so would have definitley had movement in that period.

Is there a setting or a tick box we’ve missed?

Isit possible to watch the live view when out and about? This is one reason why we wanted a camera. Peace of mind when we are not home.

Thanks in advance for any help x

Is the system armed? Is the camera set to sense motion? Did you walk in front of it to make sure it works?

You can view a camera anywhere you have internet connection.

By the way, if you generate lots of clips every day, your batteries will last two weeks.

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I just got a video of cows marauding around my fishing cabin, bashing into it, scratching, etc. Many videos, actually, lol, and it’s in the middle of nowhere. They must have opened the gate on their own, which can be done with their nose, if they get really lucky. Phoned the farmer, and he has now rounded them all up, and back into his field. I am an hour away from this camera system, but it still worked.

The camera system needs a permanent internet connection. If you accidentally set it up to the WiFi hot spot on your phone, then if you take the phone away, it can’t work, because it would no longer have internet, if it was using the phone’s internet connection, by mistake.

Your phone also needs an internet connection, whilst you are out and about, to receive the videos, and to receive the push notifications, though this doesn’t stop the system from doing its thing, recording videos and pushing out the notifications, as long as it has its own, operating, internet connection, but if your phone isn’t connected, it cannot receive those notifications or videos.

How do you know you should have had some videos? Is there always lots of activity? Can you view live from the app, to the camera in question, when you are out and about?

Motion is activated. Its definitley worked when were home- so definitley triggers a recording. The synch box is linked to our home wifi.
It is armed, and was armed when we were out.

We didnt check if the live view was working when we were out. It was saturday afternoon, generally lots of coming and going, and we know our neighbours went out so should have triggered a movement.

Is the camera set to detect motion?

How far is the street from the camera?

Have you gone out to the street and walked past the camera to see if it triggers?

Motion detection is enabled, and its armed and activated

Works at home but not when you’re away. Please tell us you didn’t setup your Blink system using the cell phone as the wifi source aka hotspot.

No i didnt. Entered my home wifi password. Set it up using that. I dont use the hotspot function on my phone.

Mine doesnt record if im not at home either and it drives me insane! I cant figure it out.

Screen shots of your settings page, “landing” page and live view while your away please.
This will help us diagnose the issue.

We somehow fixed the problem. We reset the module, and reset our wifi. And deleted the camera from app and linked it all again. Then checked the app as we drove away one day and it worked. Its worked fine ever since. I know this isnt much help, but trying ti reset everything worked with us, and even played with settings etc.

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