Motion Detection Notification Timing

Agree!!! Had a man come up our driveway this morning and the clip only showed him already mid way where he put something on our lawn. When we went out to see what it was it was a sealed syringe filled with something. Was pretty embarrassed when showing police the video. Was asked to rewind to the beginning to show it in his hand but the video started AFTER. What good is that!!!

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Can you check the link. And repost.

I was just thinking the same thing. It would work better with the new XT2 so you can go live and chat with the person on the other end.


I find I cannot go live to chat with XT2, because an ongoing motion event will repeatedly trip the sensors. So I get back to back motion sensed recordings even after increasing trigger time. Attempts to switch to liveview are met with camera busy messages, until motion triggered recording stops. By then it is too late.

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I participated in the beta test and complained about just that thing.

I agree. A feature upgrade where notifications are sent upon motion detection would be great. Ideally, this would happen (or be an option available to be selected):

  1. Blink detects motion
  2. Blink sends notification and begins recording concurrently
  3. Blink allows instant live view while recording with no conflicts
  4. Blink shortens retrigger time as well so that nothing is missed

Thank you.

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Been asking if this from Blink since I got camera’s from them at Kickstarter. Really ridiculous that this wasn’t implemented from the start. Now they are currently only rolling it out to only XT2 users. What a joke. It should be rolled out to all their products immediately.

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See my answer to your other post.

I agree and love this idea.

I also think we need to get a notification much faster. FedEx can walk up to my door, drop off the package n knock on my door, then get back in his truck and drive off before my phone tells me someone’s at the door… The 2-way mic is useless if they’re gone before I know they’re here.

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I have an old alarm system that we don’t use any more and would love to put it to use again. I’ve heard you can soon buy an smart alarm upgrade to replace your current alarm and still use the sensors… just what I’m looking for.

Have the blink XT and the Blink XT2s it seem the more cameras on the system the slower the whole system gets. i also have EZVIZ cameras which are great as well they both have advantages and disadvantages . the xt2 have less frequent false alarms with motion detection but the ezviz have immediate access with and almost no lag at all. the Blinks have free video storage but limited to up to 60 sec with a 10 second reset , the ezviz has cloud storage for a fee but will record all motion for as long as needed , also can use free a micro sd card inserted into cameras but they seem to fail get glitchee when to much recording due to over use or heating of sd card , then there the 1 tb hard drive system for ezviz. Works well continuous and motion triggered recording but if power not wired well you know whats going to happen to your batteries and the cost just for the drive is about $175.00 . i
I also have a ring works well but slight delay to open . the ezviz is best for live immediate view and continuous recording , blink for free cloud recording and past event and for placement in places where battery is a absolute must with need for minimal recording ,even though the ezviz will do same at a higher price.
I find multi systems work best as well as the ring security cameras( not bell ) but they are very pricey to say the least and recording service you must pay for. Also only the battery ezviz with micro SD card will continue to record in power failure due to loss of internet with other systems so

My memory is that this setting is already in the camera settings/setup.

I just completed installing my 6 cameras and I’m having that same experience. These cameras are supposed to be a security system similar to the Ring that my neighbor has that works real time. So when I read about the BLINK XT2 system/cameras before ordering them I was convinced the cameras would show real time and I would have the opportunity to attempt to stop the culprit in his actions. But not true. I get a notification several seconds to a couple minutes afterwards and the person is already gone. I spent a lot of time making custom brackets to install these cameras which makes me that much more disappointed with them. I will most likely return them and get something better.

Welcome to the forums! Do you have “early notification” enabled in each cameras settings? If not, that could be your problem. Let us know how you make out.

I find this to be the same issue that the notifications being delayed in coming through when motion is detected. I have the beta early notification selected but it still doesn’t seem as quick as my ring doorbell for notifications