Motion detection not working right

I’ve had my system for about a week now and honestly am not very impressed. My cameras either pick up everything or nothing, never really what they should be picking up. My mailman just walked right up to my door, the camera didn’t even notice. Yet they pick up cats going by that are in the gray zone. I don’t know what im doing wrong, but am considering just returning them for a refund at this point. Any tips? Im at my wits end.

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Here’s an upload of my Motion Detection settings. At this point, it’s perfect–people coming to the door and speeding cars by front. I definitely wouldn’t disable any areas because I’ve found there are problems in doing so with some of the best software.

I’ve had people walking straight into the camera; no dog pics, etc. I was thinking about returning my Blink, but I am realizing it’s not a bad system. The only thing that isn’t working at this point is notifications. I’ll figure it out.

One thing to check is Live View and having a friend walk around; check to see what it takes to trip the camera. If you are getting dogs/cats, then the camera may be aimed too low–whatever.

I’ll buy you a beer or two if you can find that setup picture on Blink’s support website. Ready, set, go.

Thank you very much. I’ll try some of those suggestions and settings. I really want this to work, I feel like it has good potential

The picture is a snapshot from my phone; you won’t find it anywhere else. So you can buy me a tea for calling me a fraud.

Truly, I send my love to you that you may attain Enlightenment, overcome the suffering of the ego, and rest in the Lotus Flower of the Buddha.


The beer drink offer is for @ceedee not you. However, if you want to partake in the two girls one cup beverage, by all means enjoy!

No idea where I got my image. Dang! :beer::beer:

Imitation is the finest form of flattery. Lol

@ceedee Chris, you got your image from the Blink support website, going back sometime, not sure how long, but it is no longer there. I’ve seen it, many times, and no idea why they took it away, but it’s not there now. I took up Joel’s challenge, for fun, and I wanted a beer or two, so I downloaded the entire support website to my PC, because I knew it was there. It isn’t, lol.

Damn, I want a beer.

Seriously. I might have a pint. 12oz is so US.

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Drink up guys
This is in my fridge and I’m sharing.

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I have had my system for a couple of months and truly love it. But lately it has completely stopped recording. I have reset it and had someone walk in front of it, it worked. That was the only time it recorded. It has missed 2x my car was broke into…any idea? I have no clue why it would stop recording movements. Sign me frustrated.