Motion Detection Not Working on XT

Hello. I just set up my blink XT and the motion detector isn’t working. I know it has to have at least 3 bars and is best in detecting horizontal motion. I brought the camera inside right near the WIFI and placed it inside (there are now 5 bars). It will send a live picture but doesn’t pick up any motion and start the camera recording. Any thoughts?

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same as me Frank ,

Did you get a solution?

Hi @jjjfamily,

Could you share more details about the issue you are having please?

They agreed that the camera was defective and will be sending a replacement. We tried everything to get it working, but nothing fixed the problem.

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Have the same problem. Mine is behind the front door (glass) and has a glass storm door too. I am wondering whether motion detection is by displacement of air. But in that case wind should trigger alerts if the camera is placed outside.

Detection is by passive infrared, or PIR, which does not do well through glass. Doubt you could get it to work at all behind glass. It’s rather easy to test though. Pull it off the mount, put it on a table, adjust all the settings how you want/hope for it to work, and then walk in front of it. If it works as expected, then put the camera on the table behind your glass front door, and try again, by walking outside. See if you can make it work, by turning the sensitivity right the way up. If you can’t, and it worked normally previously, then you have your answer.

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You are right. Did all that except increasing the sensitivity which I will test. It worked without a hitch when no glass was in front.

Increasing the sensitivity did not work. Guess will have to mount it outside.

As @suttyblink said, PIR sensors do not work through glass, so mounting the camera outside is your only option.

I have 4 XT cameras installed and cannot get motion detection to work on any of them?
What are the exact steps to enabling motion detection and notifications on my phone?

You should check out the help articles at

Thanks Mark. Once armed everything seems to be working. First video was all black but next test worked!


When you received your 4 XT cameras, what was included that shows you how the mobile app works?

Sorry, only info on how to set up the system unit was included. I had to search the support pages to find the info I needed.

That’s what I thought.

The help and FAQ is buried in the wrong location in my opinion. Instead if being on the app menu, it’s located inside the cloud icon bottom left.

Click cloud icon, help support, then FAQ. This gives you tons of info without having to search for it in the support forum.

No movement detected with new outdoor Blink camera
I have synced 2 cameras successfully. I can take pictures and video clips, but neither camera is picking up movement. Yes WiFi strength is good and settings are on. I have a small porch so it is challenging to position a camera to capture horizontal motion (pic attached). I also have one in a 2 car garage and it hasn’t picked up anything. I’ve tried moving in front of them in all directions and nothing is captured. Can anyone help?

did you try dancing?

if that doesnt work… you dont have anything covering the PIR sensor? Are you within 20 feet?

Is the sync module armed? Obvious question, but just in case.

Ha! It probably looked like I was doing some sort of ancient dancing ritual as I tried trigger it. I was all distances from 20-2ft. When the camera is triggered won’t the blue light come on? It never has No nothing is blocking anything

Thanks for the suggestion. At this part, no question is obvious. It says sync module is online