Motion detection from one camera trigger multiple cameras

It would be neat if you could ‘link’ cameras together so that if one is triggered by motion other cameras would start recording also.

I have a camera at the top of my stairs and two others in corners of the room the stairs lead up to. When the camera at the top of the stairs is triggered, the other cameras start to record as well.

Great system.


Hey @Matt_Kuhr,

I believe someone mentioned that a while back, but yes I totally agree that, that would be a very cool feature! Perhaps that’s possible right now with IFTTT @marktheknife?

IFTTT can be used to arm and disarm sync modules with several triggers, and it also allows for the motion detector in a camera to trigger events in other cloud services that are linked to IFTTT.

But AFAIK, the only way to trigger a recording is when the camera’s motion sensor detects motion.

I agree, it would be a nice feature if the one camera could trigger recording on other chosen cameras!
I just had a case of attempted car break in and wished my other 2 cameras were recording it at the same time.

This is exactly what I need, is it scheduled for a future update with the devs?

I would love this feature and really hope they add this option.

Use case: If I have motion triggered camera near my front door, and one non-motion triggered camera facing a street, it would be great if the door camera’s motion detection would be linked to also trigger the street camera to record. That way, we only record the street when the door is triggered (and therefore a car or van may be parked). Otherwise every passing car would set off the street camera’s motion detection, or we have to block out the whole street zone to the point where parked cars are not detected, making it useless.


@marktheknife @nick_at_blink I’m brand new to Blink, but I’m planning to look into IFTTT more in the coming days and weeks. Mark, you said that IFTTT allows for the motion detector in a camera to trigger other IFTTT events… but is that triggered when the motion is detected, or when the clip is uploaded? (As it is, I think notifications don’t happen until AFTER the clip is finished, for example)

If it can get triggered immediately when motion is detected, maybe it would be possible to open a Live View on another camera and save it on Blink? (I’m spitballing here, I haven’t looked at all the capabilities yet)

Anyway, I’m comfortable writing a bit of logic code to if I need to, in order to customize some complex behaviors that I’d like to see. I’m just not sure what all it has access to.

Another thing I’d love to do is to trigger a floodlight when one of my cameras in the front detects motion. I haven’t put it up yet, but I could probably connect it to a simple smart plug or something.

@nick_at_blink Has there been any progress or conversation about this in the last year? I’ve had my blink units for all of a day and noticed this would be a great feature, but worried that I’m necroposting on the conversation about it.

+1 here!

Hi, I’m new to the Blink forums. I have 2 camera’s outside of my house (front and back). I’m thinking of adding one inside aiming at the front door. The camera outside is positioned fairly high, and it’s hard to capture a face with it. Now from what I’ve been reading here it’s not possible to record with motion trough my glass front door. It would however be very good, if I could trigger a recording with the inside camera, if the front side camera is triggered.

Please implement this feature! I’d hate to have to go for an option such as ring dot com or similar.

I guess it is not likely this would be added (given that it has been some time), but agreed, that would be a very valuable feature.

This is exactly what I need as well since I live on a busy street…

I’ve had my blink cameras for probably a year and a half and have a mixture of XT2 and indoor cameras. The field of vision and the quality of the picture and video requires me, on my size property, to have multiple cameras at multiple angles covering the same areas.

Given that motion is not triggered until someone is well within 10 feet of the camera walking through the line of sight, it would be very helpful to have multiple cameras trigger to record at the same time or at least in succession. I had that feature with my Arlo cameras and it was very beneficial.

Case in point, I have an oddly shaped front to my house where doors face different directions and when covering a carport I have three out there to capture front rear and side because one camera can see one vehicle but can’t see the other and vice versa. And the way that this system is designed for motion, I can’t cover a large area with one camera, even if it can see the entire area.

However I am supposing that there is a hardware or software limitation or that Amazon doesn’t want blink to have more features than the more expensive ring system.

Nonetheless it looks like this thread is probably a couple years old at this point with no feedback from the blink team. I’ve also been chastised on earlier threads by blink representatives or people in the community acting as such, that if we really wanted these higher end features then what would we be willing to pay extra for them?

These were not features on Arlo that were extra money. There was a subscription service for person detection and having more than X number cameras on the system, but this is probably the one feature I would really like to have that’s missing.

The one feature I did want but can live without was the ability for the sensor to capture more light because I had noticed that the infrared feature is a little hokey sometimes. The same amount of light can be on or off at a given location where a camera is stationary and the light never moves. But sometimes infrared will come on (no matter the intensity) when there’s plenty of light for the video to be in color and sometimes depending on the subject walking towards the camera if it was in color to begin with the infrared turns on.

Think about it like a baldheaded person walking towards the camera with a little bit of light reflecting of their head. The picture goes from color to infrared and black-and-white as soon as that person gets close enough to the camera.

But again I can live with that because that’s a hardware limitation but it would seem as easy as a software update to have one camera trigger another camera.

On the subject of IFTTT, I didn’t have much luck with android and even less luck with iOS. Location-based actions rarely seemed to work and I have not found a recipe that works with blink as of yet. In fact some recipes really need the blink Europe account and form of IFTTT. I have yet to successfully get that to work either.

But it would be outstanding if blink could add these features through software. I know they’ve moved on to the XT3 or what have you but there’s still plenty of XT2 cameras being used out there in the world. And I would be willing to pay a one time fee but I wouldn’t subscribe to a service on a monthly basis. If that was the case I would move over to ring or nest or perhaps even back to Arlo. I might even consider wise. They have super cheap and affordable good quality hardware from door locks to door and window sensors and smart plugs and super cheap smart bulbs that don’t require a hub. However they are scheduling system and software interface is not quite as intuitive as blink or Arlo or the others. But they do work well and have a few of these features blink Is missing.

But I believe that most of us are entrenched enough with the hardware that we don’t want to mix and match between companies using multiple apps and so forth. And nobody really wants to start over especially if you have 10 cameras and three sync modules.

Maybe if somebody posts on this thread after finding it in a Google search result every couple months blink will take notice.

This can be done using Alexa and Echo by triggering the message option when configuring Alexa. Perhaps Google nest may also work but my experience is only using echo.