Motion Detect Clips Seem to Skip ahead

Hi all, apologize if this question was asked and answered before…i searched and couldn’t find my exact question.
When reviewing my motion detect alert videos, the clips seem to jump ahead when watching the recording. It Will start playing, be fine, then skip a few seconds amd then be fine again. Is there something with my settings I am doing incorrectly?

What happens if you download or email the said same clip to your phone or PC and play it from there directly?

Still shows a jump in time. Records for 17 seconds. Then recording skips ahead to 28 seconds. And then completes at 34.

and all clips do it? Upload an example to youtube, and link it here, so we can take a look.

Okay just need to figure out how to do that.

The recorded clips may do this if the wifi connection is very slow, laggy, or is interrupted. One of the flaws in how the outdoor cameras work is they do not have a large buffer and act merely as streaming devices. If the wifi connection messes up while the video is recording, the clip can either get cut or reduced in quality.