Motion clips will not share text

My motion clips will not share via text only via email. Technical support wanted to know the make of my phone and told me also to save clips in my photo album which of course I did. I have an iPhone 11, it will allow me to send via email but not as a text or iMessage. Technical support said that’s weird and are looking further into it. Any advice? Thank you!

Use,the search function icon to find previous threads on this subject. It’s not new news.

Previous threads do not resolve the issue. If they did then tech support would know the answer. Obviously as previously mentioned I saved motion clips to my iPhone photo roll but they won’t send as text message either. Please point me to what previous thread may resolve this, thank you!

Get off your lazy arse and do your own searching. I’m a customer not tech support. I don’t get paid and I sure as hell don’t help out the helpless.

WOW that was an extremely rude comment! Sounds like you are the lazy ■■■ since you can’t give me an answer and get off on giving people a hard time, boy I am far from being a lazy person I am going to report this to Blink. I was asking was for a solution, I’ve read all the threads there is NO solution that has not been done by myself initially. Again if there was a fix tech-support would know what it is so unless you know something and are so much smarter than them please share and stop being rude!!! Thanks for nothing smart ■■■, hope you feel good about yourself

You want rude go visit facebook or twitter. This place is like church organs are playing in the background.

Again, do your own searching/homework to read previous threads on this subject. You’ll find others complaining about this share via text problem also. Within those previous message streams is the fix or the discussion of there is no fix. But for Christ’s sake, don’t pee and moan about me not giving you a direct link for your answer. Remember I’m a customer, not tech support. I don’t own you a damn thing.