Motion announcement with Echo

I just realized that they’re is a setting in the Alexa app using the Blink SmartHome skill to receive an announcement when motion is detected by a camera. Just click on Devices, Cameras, your Blink camera, Announcements, and follow prompts. It allows you to select which cameras to enable and which Echo devices to use. Does anyone know how long this has been available? I haven’t seen it posted anywhere. (I am not a beta user).


Can you do a screenshot, I can’t see it.


I live in the US, that may be the reason.
Also Blink cameras can be used in Alexa routines now.
Just a hunch, but Wyze is rumored to be launching a wireless outdoor camera and perhaps Blink is trying to keep ahead of them.

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Thanks. I’m sure the update will be coming here soon too. I looked only a few days ago, and routines were not possible, so both will be cool when the update arrives.


Not here in UK yet.

Thanks! I was able to set up for my XT2, but not my XTs. I’m in the USA.

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Thanks for the update. It must of been a pretty recent update since I didn’t see it a few days ago. Just be aware that once you enable it, it will announce to all devices unless you change the setting (it’s right above the Enable).

I just sort of stumbled on it while I was doing something else on the app. I thought that maybe I missed an announcement about it.
You’re right about them all going off at once. The first time I enabled it all my 10 Alexa devices responded at once. I was glad to see that there is an option to select which ones that you want to use or not use.
I like that it identifies which camera has activated it. This is a feature that’s been requested here quite often.
It can also be used to set up a routine with a schedule which is useful.
One disappointment, I tried to create a routine to turn off/on a specific camera but it is not supported at this time.

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I believe it works with the Echo Show as well to automatically stream video to the device. It is cool but without person detection, it’s not very useful for me.

Ring already added person detection to their battery powered PIR cameras. I hope Blink can borrow the tech!

The skill suggests that it does that but my Echo Shows only display a card notifying me that a camera has detected motion along with a verbal announcement.
If someone knows of a way to get the Echo Show to play a live clip when it detects motion I would hope that it gets shared here.
Edit: This explains what is meant by view live clip-
“Using any connected Alexa device with a screen, you can ask, “Alexa, show me [camera name]” to view the motion event or inactivity that triggered the routine”.