Motion Announce UK Availability

Just bought an XT2 and Echo Show 8 in the UK.
Very disappointed that motion announcement on the Echo is currently only available in the US and Canada.
When will this feature be available in the UK since this is the main reason that I selected these products?
If not imminent then I will unfortunately be returning both for a refund.

Function will no doubt follow. Unfortunately, may not arrive within your ‘return option period’.

Thanks Dave.
May have to live with the live view permanently on for now :pensive:

You could link Alexa using IFTT. Just make sure you use the Blink (Europe) applet. I’ve set mine up to receive an email when motion is detected. Also, arm and disarm when leaving/entering home vicinity.

You can also add a sound file in Motion Notification settings e.g. motion detected.mp3 recorded yourself using a voice recorder app. Works with Android. Not sure about IOS.