Most important aspect of a security camera is night vision

Hey Blink I hope you know that the most important aspect of a security camera is night vision and you absolutely suck at that. Blink cameras are good for putting in your windows and taking cute pictures of birds eating out of bird feeders during the day but when it comes to security you are the absolute worst.
Goodbye forever, My cameras are on their way back to Amazon for a refund

You Suck

Bye Felicia!

I always found this statement interesting. I have an outdoor camera in the backyard I arm at night. It still seems to be able to trigger at the bats flying over my pool eating insects at 15-20 feet away.

But I’m sure their are other things creeping around my yard going undetected. I’m not really interested yard creepers until they get close to a door or window unless it’s Sasquatch. So I keep reducing my sensitivity.

Hi homer17022

If you watch YouTube comparisons of cameras and night vision, such as LifeHackster channel, you’ll see almost ALL brands struggle with night vision. To say Blink is the worst, what are you comparing Blink to? The best night vision cameras cost more than double of Blink such as Hikvision Colorvu which are POE wired. With battery cameras the best way to get descent night vision is have enough outside lighting (flood lights) so cameras switch to color mode, or buy a camera brand with built-in spot lights. I hope you find a system that works for you.