Module not connecting

Since the last few days (And I have not changed anything in my set up ) the module went offline. I have successfully solved the issues of reconnecting previously but this is a new issue.

Tried to reset sync module and to add the sync module again but working after reset got the continuous green and blinking blue, but the app hangs at connecting to Blink Servers and then stops and seems module lights go off altogether. After a few minutes the green and blue lights are continuous but the app shows the same message: sync module failed etc.

I repeated the above with a second spare module but had exactly the same issue?

I have a similar issue. Except my sync will blink blue it will try to connect to Wi-Fi then goes solid blue and blinking green then to red. I’ve tried resetting it and rebooting my Wi-Fi router without success.

I have the same issue which started 12 Jan 2021. Tried resetting, tried connecting to a different wifi net and same issue.

Had same issue since Jan 7th. Today after lots of hard resets of sync module and router (don’t know if that was the remedy) suddenly connecting again (see my posts).
Strange. Hopefully you are as lucky as I was …

Same issue here. Support tells me my internet is too slow. Even though it connected just fine with no problems a few months ago.

I have the same issue out of the blue. Nothing has changed with my high speed internet service, router, no password changes. All of my other 10 devices around the house connect, except for the module.

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Ok thanks will try, did reset router but only once!

I have the same issue. I bought a new, faster router but now I can’t reconnect the module at all. I’ve tried resetting at least twenty times.

We resolved ours last night. The issue was that our new router was self selecting between 5G and 2G. We had to turn off the option to self select and set up the 2G network. Our Blink module only works off 2G.

Here to say the same thing. On the 12th, both my sync modules started going off and coming back online. I have a Mesh router, so they are both close to the nodes. I reset the modules and set them back up, but the same thing. I’ve tried - rebooting my router, fac. resetting my router, using a different router, nothing helps.

At my wits end, I called Blink to find out if there were server issues. The tech asked for access to my app where he saw exactly what I saw and he had me download an app called “RouteThis” and made me to a test. He then proceeded to tell me there was an issue with my network, which is 1000% BS.

The resuts of “Routethis” shows “Moderate” network health, no details other than “network congested” with a speed test result of 145Mbps down and 318Mbps up. Now, I sort of get that result since my son is Zooming with his teacher…but he’s been Zooming with her since April 2020 and it has never affected our cameras. Also, as mentioned, nothing else in the home is affected. There’s plenty throughput and the Mesh will drop and add devices depending on what is closest.

So yeah, Blink is saying that network has an issue, but the ONLY 2 devices actually having issues are my 2 Blink modules - sure. Anyway, they are sending me a replacement, but I really don’t think that’s the issue. I think there’s a server or app problem that’s not being admitted to, but we’ll see.

145 down, and 318 up? That is a very odd speed test result. Who is your provider? I would try my own test, and see what I got.

Issue resolved today. After trying multiple times. Today I deleted the module. Reset my router. Powered the module back up , reset and added back to my system and it works !