Module is sync to another account

Hello my sync module and one of my cameras are sync to another account how can I fix this. I am the owner and I am the one who bought these camera.

Search the forum. Your situation has been discussed many, many times.

Then find your original login credentials.

Read the owner’s manual and find out how to add/delete cameras. Add/delete sync modules (aka system) how to change wifi, how to change email, how to change password, etc.

The owners manual = Blink’s support website. It has search function to type in your subject of interest.

I did search this, and yes I co reacted the person but I need to reset it because I am the owner of these camera and I saw that some got it reset, but if you can’t help you really shouldn’t be answering, some people situation are different, even though it looks like the same problem.

Thank you for your help I appreciate it

Do not confuse this community forum with Blink tech support. Blink’s tech support = email them, phone call them, or visit and research their support website.

The people in this community forum are just that. A community. Much like when you post something on Facebook or Twitter. You WILL get answers you like, answers you dislike, answers that are pure BS, and now the ever popular disinformation answers.

In all of it, you the owner of your Blink system has to filter it all out and then decide what to do. There are thousands of members in this community. Amazingly, there are less than a dozen people on here that on a daily basis give out correct answers for free. Free = volunteer work.

The correct answers could just as easily be turned into wrong answers on purpose aka disinformation. With that in mind never ever complain about that hand that feeds you. Especially when it’s free.

Sure, no worries. Call support.

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No confusion, but to come on here and say research, assuming I didn’t is t a good look for anyone. Also to assume people know how to navigate around this site and assume everyone is on social media is t right as well. So thank you for volunteering however it’s a choice you want to do, and if you are going to do then consider people are different in many ways and don’t assume just because you have answered this question over and over again. You wanted to help so help time and time again or ignore it. Don’t come and say this has been asked several times and need to do the research. Give some information to help that person or don’t.

I posted a lengthy response with Screenshots after calling customer service; it only took a few minutes to reach someone on the phone:

Get to the screenshots.

I’d just ignore the non-informative comments. Waste of time . . . I think they are high school kids.

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See a pattern with those answers on a silver platter yet?

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Thank you so much! I appreciate this, thank you for the break down and advice.

Who do i reply to about already registered to another account. O saw one thread where a gentleman named Nick was handling this issue pretty quickly however after creating a blink login I cannot locate same thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brand new on here

Welcome to the forums! If you know the previous owner have them delete the components from their system. If not, return them to the seller for a refund/exchange. Blink can unlock the s/n’s but won’t to prevent theft and/or fraud. These are your only options.