Mobile App update 6.2.7 will not work on my iPad

I have 12 Blink cameras.

The latest Blink mobile app update 6.2.7 is too high for my older iPad.
It requires OS 12.5 or higher. My iPad cannot go higher than 12.4.9.
I did not upgrade. My app is still 6.1.6

I CANNOT use my iPad with the Blink cameras at all. The Blink app will no longer launch on my iPad. I get the screen that says, “The update is required for the Blink App to function properly.” When I go to the App Store, I see that my iPad OS is not high enough.

Is there any work-around? Can’t we continue to use the current version of the Blink app we’ve been using? I cannot buy a new iPad right away. I don’t have a cell phone I can use as backup. I’m locked out of using my Blink cameras.

Just curious to understand what Ipad model you have; as any Ipad with version 12.4.x should be able to updated to latest 12.5.1 available.

have a look to this article in case it helps If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won’t update – Apple Support

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Thank you for the reply and trying to help. I read the support page you reference. Before I posted to this Community, I tried to update the iOS on my iPad Air. I could not update an higher than 12.4.9

I’ve also been searching the WEB to determine how high an iOS my iPad Air, Model A1475, can go to. I bought it in December 2013. The reading I’m doing seems to indicate 12.4.8 or 12.4.9. I am at 12.4.9 now.
Part Number: MF004LL/A
Model: A1475 (32 gig Wifi and cellular)

  1. I’ve tried to do an iOS update using the iPad itself.
  2. I’ve also connected it to iTunes on my computer and tried that too.
    Neither is successful.

Is Blink doing anything for those of us who have been using Blink cameras with an iOS lower than the 12.5 they now require? I have 12 Blink cameras which I cannot access now.

Thank you,

I share your pain!
The Blink app used to work fine on my main phone (an old iPhone running iOS 12.3.1)
Now it says I need to upgrade the app, but I’d need to upgrade iOS to do that.
The iOS update is known to slow my phone down so that’s NOT an option.
Luckily I have a 2nd phone (Android) I can use.

I’m going to see if I can set up an Android emulator on my PC and use that instead.
It would be nice if they could re-build/compile the app so it runs on the older iOS, if that’s possible.
Otherwise it’s another example of how ‘cloud’ solutions can suddenly (in effect) disappear!

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Thank you for your comments. It really concerns me that we spend money on devices that can get outdated and useless in a relatively short time. Seems to me there could be newer versions of the App while older versions still work on older devices.

I bought a total of 12 cameras and 3 sync modules - a bit of an investment. I bought the first set about two years ago and the others about a year ago ( or less). Now, unless I buy a new device, they are rendered useless. I want to use my iPad with them. I do not need a smart phone, and Blink does not work on computers.

I really don’t understand why older apps still work on my older iPad, but Blink cannot. Now, Blink can only work with the updated app. Why can’t the older Blink app still work? Is there really nothing that can be done? I never would have bought these cameras if I realized they would become non functional so quickly.

I contacted support. They said nothing can be done.

I have seen a lot of older software that still works on newer operating systems. It just seems to me that there could be some fix. Maybe some code could be added to the version of the Blink app we’ve been using to allow it to work. Heck, when we were seeing the message to update now or later, the Blink app was still working. Then, all of a sudden, we were blocked out. Why was it still working a few weeks ago?

We made an investment in Blink by buying their cameras. I feel Blink should make an investment in us by solving this problem. There are many of us facing this same problem

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Interesting information: Today downloaded Red Cross Tornado Warning App. Instantly was given message that the app I was trying to download was too new for my operating system. Then, it gave me the option of downloading an older version of the tornado warning app that would work with my operating system. I clicked, “yes,” and it worked.
Why can’t Blink do this also?

Here is message I received allowing me to install older version of Red Cross Tornado app because my iPad’s iOS is too old for newest version

I also get the message to download the latest blink app version that will work with iOS 10.3.3

The old version of the app installs. However, when I launch it, it shows a screen requiring I install the newest version.

Back to square one.

I’m having the same issue. My iPhone 8 wont download even the last “compatible” app. My husband’s Android will. So now it’s just useless and basically money wasted. Very disappointed.