Mobile app suggestions and complaints

I’m a software engineer, so I tend to view things from that perspective (QA, UX, efficiency, etc) and don’t make excuses for how things currently work, so take that for what it’s worth. But a few things about the mobile app that need improvement:

  1. There’s a disconnect between the notifications and the currently running app (which is a very common problem with most mobile apps). If I have the app open and receive a notification about a new clip, tapping on the notification won’t show the clip. It does nothing. Whether the app is open or not, if I tap on the notification it should do the same thing every time. The only other option is to shut the app down every time a notification comes in and then tap on the notification to let it open the app back up.

  2. When the app is open on the video list and a new video comes in, it doesn’t show in the list. The only way to see any new videos is the swipe down 4 TIMES (the 1st swipe never does anything, the 2nd scrolls the list to the top, the 3rd refreshes the list, and the 4th moves the list back to the top again where the new clips are). If the list is open, and a notification about a new clip comes in, the list should auto-refresh itself and add the new clips to the top.

  3. The Full screen button requires 3 TAPS to work when you select a clip. The 1st tap does nothing, the 2nd changes the color of the full-screen button, and the 3rd tap actually opens it full screen. Grr

  4. The app does not allow an easy way to scroll through a video frame-by-frame or to pause on a certain frame. If you try dragging the progress bar while it’s paused, it jumps around and skips past several seconds at a time. And it’s impossible to pause a running video at a precise moment. Just like the other issues above, the app forces you to tap multiple times on the video player to get it to perform functions. This is really annoying. To pause a playing video requires either 2 or 3 taps every time.

  5. Need a way to set a default video download location. Currently when I click the download button, it saves the video into a unique “downloads” folder on my phone that none of my other apps know about intuitively. So every time I want to use the downloaded videos I have to manually navigate to this folder, if I can even remember where it is. I would prefer that these clips go into the same videos or downloads folder (or at least a subfolder of them) that every other video app on my phone already uses.

  6. Why isn’t there an hourly “Photo” option for the Blink Mini?? It seems backwards. The Mini is designed to plug in and not use battery, but the only cameras we can set to take hourly photos are the ones running on batteries? To be honest, if I could set up Minis to take hourly photos, I would buy more of them. This would be a good use for interior rooms that you don’t want or need audio recorded and only want time-lapsed photos.

  7. There’s no easy way to move a camera from one group to another. If I want to move one, I have to delete the camera from the system entirely, and then re-add it.

  8. User-level permissions. I know this has been discussed to death and is not an easy feature to implement, but this would be a huge improvement! I would love to be able to give other family members access to only certain cameras or only to be able to do certain things (such as only viewing video clips and not accessing the cameras at all). Currently, the only way to give anyone permission is to give them your password for the entire system. Not good.

  9. Need a way to manually trigger the daily backup of the Sync Module 2 to USB. It’s really silly that I have to wait until the next day before the current video clips will show up on my USB flash drive. There are about a hundred reasons why a “daily backup” is inadequate. I’m really surprised that this system works this way. That’s not a very “security-conscious” approach.

Even though you only joined this community one day ago, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. That benefit is of the 112 posts you’ve already read, you now know that Blink implements a very tiny percentage of all customer suggestions that have been made throughout the history of this community forum.

The suggestions that are made, including yours are great. Unfortunately, many of the collaborative suggestions within this forum get implemented into other things that Amazon sells. I keep telling people to study why Amazon bought Blink. Once you figure that out, the rest of the story around here will all fall into place for you.

To summarize it for you…
Blink is simply a donor organ via it’s Immedia Semiconductor ultra low power consuming chipsets. Those chipset technologies were used to develop other products to increase Amazon’s e-commerce sales. Back in 2017, it was Amazon Key services. Today it’s additional Ring products and smart home devices.

Amazon can not give Blink more features and benefits AND keep Blink price tag the same. If they did, Ring sales would go down. Way down. Ring is the cash cow, not Blink. Amazon paid about 10x more for Ring than they paid for Blink. As much as it hurts to accept it, Blink has to be kept dumbed down on purpose to keep the Blink price the same. Increase the Blink price it becomes too close to Ring.

Take your engineering hat off and put on a marketing/sales hat on. You’ll see things from Amazon’s point of view. #1 E-commerce sales website in the WORLD. Buying Blink helped Amazon achieve that goal.

I’ll give them credit for one thing. At least they haven’t already stopped supporting my Android version :joy: :joy: So many other apps lately are just dropping support now for anything but the latest Android versions from the last 2 or 3 years. I’ve lost a half-dozen apps I use regularly over the past month because they no longer support my phone that I just bought 6 months ago and are trying to force me to buy a brand new phone again. So frustrating. And so expensive.

I understand everything you’re saying, but none of that is my problem, lol. :slight_smile: I’m not a Ring customer and will never be a Ring customer. It is totally not what I need or want. I bought Blink specifically because I don’t want Ring or anything like Ring.

What does Blink have that Ring doesn’t have?
Lower hardware price and no monthly fees. Well it used to be no monthly fees for the cloud. Now you have to pay for the cloud. So Blink is lower priced and dumbed down version of Ring. Other than that, is there something else that Blink has that is advantages to Ring?